Variety vs Forbes: AdBlock Saga Continues

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Let me say it again. I'm an AdBlock user, but not a heartless one. Meaning, I get annoyed by ads, but who doesn't. Right? Yet, I worry a lot that one fine day, I'm going to see a huge popup window on my favorite websites saying: Going out of business, thanks but no thanks AdBlockers! That's why, I've been extremely careful when it comes to available "solutions." I'm not willing to sacrifice for the benefit of the advertising industry, but also, I don't feel good about the publishing industry decline. Is there a solution?

Variety's 7 seconds vs Forbes' ultimatum

Here's what happened to me recently. Forbes online welcomed me with an ultimatum. Either I will pause/block my AdBlocker or sign with my Facebook account or I can move on. On the other hand, Variety offered a refreshing alternative. At first, I was annoyed by the seven seconds "unwanted intro." I saw an ad for one of the mobile providers, but before my fingers become restless, Variety became fully cooperative. So, what's the catch?

Look Forbes, with all due respect toward your busy little bees, I will survive without you. There's no need to put a finger in my eye in order to remind me that you hate AdBlock feature in my browser. When it comes to Variety's clever tactics, I have to say - my hat off. That's the right way to do it. Why is it so hard to offer a compromising solution? There is still a way to achieve a win-win. I can survive to be annoyed for seven seconds, but don't bombard me with 77 ads. Don't ask me to question my AdBlock policy, because I already know what I'm going to do.

AdBlock will show us the way

The birth and now an unparalleled growth of AdBlock's popularity was a result of a logical set of events. Let's wait and see what's the next thing to happen. The advertising machinery has to change something or forget about mind blowing revenues. AdBlock isn't a "parasite," but it can afford itself a luxury of killing its only and most important host.

I dare to say. If you want to see what's going to happen with the very future of both advertising industry and Internet marketing, keep an eye on AdBlocker. This way or another AdBlock will show us the way.
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    It's for sure that websites will need to accustom to growing Adblock's popularity (= lower revenues for them from ads).
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    I'm right there with with on the Forbes tactic...don't like it, won't work for me, that Blocker stays on.

    I have encountered a different method on Wired the other day: they said I can either disable or pay $1/week. That's a MUCH better tactic in my books.
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