The Best Money Making Program?

by RetireVerySoon 8 replies
Anyone think they have found the best money making program out there?

You can post any systems/programs that you think just rock this world. It can be your systems or ones you are just involved in. Let's see how big we can make this list.

The best of luck to everyone
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    Domain Profitter is very good. Also Niche Marketing on Crack is good too.
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      No money making program or system is inherently good or bad. It all comes
      down to what you do with the opportunity.

      Some programs, however, are outright scams or poorly designed. The key
      to at least having a chance with them (provided you put in the effort) is
      researching them on your own.

      Contact the program owners, assuming there is a way to contact them, and
      ask them as many questions as you can. If they refuse to answer or dodge
      the questions in any way, they probably have something to hide.

      In the long run, starting your own business by focusing on a niche market
      with a problem in need of a solution is your best chance at having a
      successful home business.
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    Steven is exactly correct. More often than not, almost all opportunities have the potential to make money but the success or failure rate is only as good as the marketer/representative behind the opportunity. Most people do not know how to market or spread the word properly.

    Craig Raphael
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      I would advise staying away from money making "programs" or "business opportunities."

      That means anything where you pay a fee or buy something to be a part of someone else's business. (I am exempting well-known brick and mortar franchises here.)

      When you buy into someone else's game, especially mlm, 1-up or 2-up deals, online cookie-cutter type operations, etc., then it can all vanish. How many of these things have fallen by the wayside over the years? How many have imploded? How many have been shout down by the authorities?

      Instead, learn to build your own business online and take action.

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    The marketing formulas for any business are pretty straight forward...

    -> have a product / service
    -> Develop a story line...
    -> Develop your sales letter
    -> Building up your lists/contacts/network.
    -> Upsell your programs
    -> Ask for referrals../ Affiliate Programs
    -> Follow ups
    -> Get feedback from their clients..

    Only with the Internet the reach is wider and faster.... Most successful system that I studied has this elements. So look out for them

    On the way to be a better marketeer each day

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    I think that Big Ticket To Wealth is the best so far... =) I love the matching override and the compensation program.

    I'm personally against the "pass up" programs =)

    Sherwin J

    Best online business!

    =====> <======

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    I think you will find that as long as the program you are working with provides you with a significant return for your effort then there are no real bad programs, some are scams but if you do the research you will find that out long before your ever invest a dime.

    Find as many high paying affiliate programs you can that are not over saturated and market the crap out of the them.

    You will also find great returns in forex.
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