Where to find a writer for my Blog?

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Hello guys and girls.

I am currently considering hiring a blog writer for my blog that I do not have time to post to at the moment but it will be the first time I allow anyone to post on the blog and I am a little apprehensive to say the least and want to ensure I find a quality writer who is cheap

But, where do I find someone like this?

I am looking for someone knowledgable to the related subject and someone who is cheap and english?

What sites are good, what sites have you had good experience with?

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    Check here at the forum of course, also check out SoloGig and Elance for some options.
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    Yeah sorry I should of specified, by cheap I mean less than $2 per 100 words well until the blog earns enough to pay the writer more. I know thats not much though so I would be offering them a cut of the monthly income too.

    By English I mean a native english speaker, whether American, English, Scottish, Welsh .e.t.c

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      Getafreelancer.com has got a few good ones and cheap... but not many native english speakers.
      Try them out.. Ignore the "Yes, i can do this job for you" bids and concentrate on the writers that impress you.
      Simply, give them a small para to rewrite and get back to you. You can gauge their skills through that.
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      Originally Posted by willyboy104 View Post

      by cheap I mean less than $2 per 100 words well until the blog earns enough to pay the writer more. I know thats not much though so I would be offering them a cut of the monthly income too.
      Oof, that's less than half my rates. Guess I'm out.

      I've been mightily impressed by fellow Warrior maloufha, who's just starting out, but has serious talent. Toss him a PM; he might be willing to work at this rate, considering there's a back-end cut involved.
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    What is the topic of your blog? Just curious...or you could PM me. )
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    @ On the Road, I know its a low figure but I do not turnover enough money from this site to invest any more in to an article writer at the moment.

    I would be wanting 3-5 articles posting each week.

    @Organic Girl, it would be the blog in my signature. Thanks

    @Oblivion thank you for that, good idea. Thats the only thing I am worried about, well not worried but its just a massive waste of time with the amount of foreign applicants I receive. However asking them to write a small paragraph related to the blog might work.

    Thanks guys and girls
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    Problogger.net has a job board for bloggers only..you might want to give them a shot
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    Yeah very good point "OnTheRoad" well I do have about 50 article templates waiting to be written, its something I did in the past when writing for the blog. I used to just use an hour or so each week and write down as many article ideas as I could for future use.


    Problogger is a good idea but I think I would have to pay for the advert but then again would probably get someone good.
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    You can find writers who will accept to be paid only $1 per article or even less at odesk.com - and you can also create a wordpress blog and let other authors send you articles through freetrafficsystem.com - and instead of paying, you'll be paid.

    But the articles you'll receive will be posted in around 30 blogs after spinning, what means that they are not so original, and perhaps not as well written as if they in their original form, without the necessary spinning, otherwise this is duplicated content. However, it is a solution, especially because you cannot spend too much.

    When you'll have enough, I can write for you excellent original articles, but my time is expensive.

    All the best!


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    Most new writers these days are charging around $0.60 per 100 words. You can always ask for samples of their work before finalizing a deal. You'll find these people mostly on forums such as this one and a few others.

    Be warned though, there are good quality and terrible quality writers at this price point so you'll have to do some sifting. What you want is someone who is just starting out and has kept this price point just to get initial customers and referrals for future jobs. This check helps weed out a lot of poor quality article writers..

    Hope this helps.
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  • Don't underestimate the 'Warriors For Hire' forum right here on the site. There are some really great writers there.

    If you're buying in bulk, or at least providing regular work, you can negotiate the price.

    I'd suggest that you look for someone who will post directly to the blog (perhaps through timed posts) and someone who will choose the keywords themselves. Each of these will save you a little time, which will soon add up.

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    I can write you articles for $2.50 a pop check out my first link in my sig page

    Video Creation Service $6.00 Per video Pm For Details

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    Check eufreelance.com and guru.com. If you let me know what your niche is I'd probably want to give it a bash myself. But don't overwork me, I've got a lot on my plate as it is :-)


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    Hey Willyboy,

    Just sent you a PM.

    Kat Fuschillo

    Need Killer content? Head to -www.KatFuschillo.com

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    Warriors for Hire, WSO, WF Classified Section ...
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    I'd try elance first but also look at the "Warriors For Hire" section for someone just starting out.

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    Have you tried with "copy writers" section of Warrior. I am sure you can get some good writers there.
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    Why do people keep suggesting sites like Elance when there are awesome writers here on the Warrior Forum?

    Pay at least $10 an article and you will get not only good quality articles, but highly motivated writers as well.

    And if you're not sure who to pick, offer 10 writers on this thread the chance to write ONE article each, for $10 (or more). Even the ones who charge less.

    That way, you have 10 articles, AND you get to judge who YOU think is the better QUALITY, and is best qualified to represent YOU on your blog.

    Remember, it's not so much about price, but about the VALUE that writer is going to bring to your business.

    Often (but not always) that is reflected in the price they charge.

    There are plenty of writing "mills" that will churn out stuff for $1 for 500 words, but is the material rehashed, boring stuff that sounds like every other article (probably because it's rehashed from those same articles)?

    By contrast, there are $30 or $50 an article writers who will lovingly craft your article... research the subject deeply, make it original, highly informative and entertaining, build up your AUTHORITY and make people want to come back for more. (I am covering a $50 article writer tomorrow on my copysnips.com blog).

    And then there's everything in-between.

    Again, this is not to knock people who write for less than $10 an article.

    It's just that a high quality article on a blog could easily be worth $100 or more, in the long run.

    So don't skimp too much on the most valuable part of your site... the CONTENT.
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    Older thread, but would like to put my 2 cents in -- Elance (as well as the for hire page here) are great sites to go for.

    Please read the sig file rules

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