where to start and how as an affiliate?

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From the last couple of weeks I constantly searching articles on google and YouTube. Bought some courses to from Udemy too. But the more I study the more confusions come along

I am not finding my way what to start and how?
What I am searching for is $1500-2000/month. can invest 2-3 hours a day and $1000

Any suggestions?

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    You appear to be searching for a magic bullet.

    It doesn't exist.

    Originally Posted by leebosheen View Post

    I am not finding my way what to start and how?
    What I am searching for is $1500-2000/month. can invest 2-3 hours a day and $1000
    First you need to identify a need (real or perceived) that can be filled by a product that is being supplied by a merchant online.

    Search for solutions for that niche/market (that also have an affiliate program that you can join).

    Create a way(s) to reach that niche/market (website, email list, paid advertising channels, etc.)

    There are thousands of ways to reach your financial goals, but there are also thousands of ways to invest your allotted time and spend all of your budgeted funds - with absolutely NO financial gain.

    It comes down to you, and your ability to apply what you have learned.

    Sid Hale
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    Don't rush into it. Find a marketing guru who personally appeals to you by visiting their website either here or recommended by the folks here. If you find someone not mentioned specifically check for review on the net or see if the other warriors have something to say about him or her.

    Look at their bonus gits and see if their course or program seems like something you might be able to work with. Try to avoid the small commission trap. Expenses can often outweigh the profits.

    Here's a couple of threads within the past year the might give you a push in the right direction: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ing-gurus.html and http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ing-gurus.html.
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    The quickest way to get started is to find a business model that appeals to you and find someone who has done what it is you wish to accomplish. That will save you a lot of time.

    Success usually leaves clues.

    In terms of affiliate marketing itself, the quickest way to start is with a squeeze page. Collect emails, help them, and make recommendations.

    Building a list from day one is a smart thing to do. It will increase your trust, and therefore your conversions.

    And think early on how you are going to get traffic. You can have the best blog or marketing funnel in the world but it won't mean anything without eyeballs looking at your page.

    It boils down to time or money. With 2-3 hours a day you can use a lot of free methods to get traffic. Or if you want a jump start you can buy traffic.

    With buying traffic you really need to know your numbers. Testing and optimizing are key.

    Which is why list building is important. You don't want to leave cash on the table.

    First step though is to research your market. Make sure people are spending money on what it is you want to sell.
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    If i had to pick 1 source it would be niche related facebook groups, they are targeted and also completely free traffic
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    I wrote this text in reply to some very similar questions and here it is again for you:

    Explore different ways of earning money, focus on the one you like.

    Money online can be made in one of the following ways:

    - creating a product and then selling it
    - becoming an affiliate and then promoting other people's products
    - creating a viral content and attracting lots and lots of people to your website
    - buying websites and selling them for profit

    What do you want to focus on? Before you decide think how you intend to attract people because that will tell you a lot about what you wanna do.

    In order to get traffic you can:

    - use paid advertising (PPC or solo ads) - quick but requires you to spend money
    - SEO - slow and requires work but free
    - create interesting viral stuff and distribute it fast all around the FB and other social networks
    - Email drop with reputable email companies

    What do you want?

    Not every way of making money is suitable for every type of person. I personally like affiliate marketing, most notably Amazon, that's where I make money. Other people are good at creating their own products, some people are good at viral content.

    Making money online is all about finding a very concrete way of making few dollars online and then multiplying it!

    Every way of earning money online has its rules. You must enjoy the rules of that specific way of making money if you want to be persistent and have fun. Otherwise it will all be just hard work.

    I suggest you find 5 ways of making money online. Do a proper research on what each model will require in order to be a success. The one that you see as a sweet chalenge for yourself and you feel like you would be very, very happy to see it happen - go for it. Put your money there!

    You must enjoy that way of making money you choose. I still remember when I made my first 2$ with Amazon. I realized I could multiply and make more. I was so happy. I still have that feeling when I put something on the net which I know will add few dollars to my account..

    You need that feeling of earning money with something...then just work and multiply!
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    There is a big work outside of promoting im/mmo products.

    For the past 16+ years I have been promoting PPL (pay per lead...lead generation) offers, because there is no credit card (ourchase) required for a user to complete an offer. All a user has to do is fill out a form in order to make money. SO conversions rates are typically much higher than offer that require a purchase.

    I favor PPL offers that have a make, get or save money angle/benefit to them, as they have typically worked the best for me and tend to have the greatest mass appeal. So the potential exists to produce high volume. Additional, it's easy to cross promote other similarly related offers that fall with in the make, get or save money angle.

    I also promote offers for free sign-up's(dating is a good example) and free trials (weigh loss, ecig, etc,,,). Free trials are usually + S&H, but often the user is getting something with an upfront value of $50-$60+, but just pays like $4.99 S&H. So while they aren't really 100% free, they still tend to convert pretty good. Plus I promote a limited amount of offers that are 100% purchases.

    For the most part I target freebie seekers and promote free offers, but still pay well. Basically I'm just taking the path of least resistance to get conversions/$$$.

    Something to think about.
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
    20 Years Exp . . . . . . . . . . . . Email - CPA - PPL
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    Everyone starts with basics. No one starts like pro. Don't rush yourself. It's a long process. You can't sleep overnight and wake up in the morning laying in a bed of dollars. As a newbie affiliate, start thinking of a niche you're very familiar and comfortable with to avoid hassles in the future.
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    Find a model that works.
    Once you made your first sale, repeat the process.
    And it will be tough in the beginning.
    Never give up and don't quit or jump from projects to projects.
    Focus in building ONLY one until you achieve the success you want.
    And you need to WORK on it.

    The 3 INSANELY Effective Methods To Achieve Your Goals, GO HERE.

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    There are no shortcuts to making money online, even as an affiliate marketer. To become successful you need to educate yourself. Start off by spending your 2 - 3 hours per day learning the basics and then applying your knowledge to start and grow your business. Join a successful affiliate group or find a mentor that is successful in their own business. Don't try and re-invent the wheel, if someone has a proven system that is making money then learn from them and follow their success. But the most important thing is education!
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      Thank you very much for this detailed answer. I understand it and can relate to it.
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    It's not simple , MMO is a best choice , learn and practise step by step , you 'll be success no far.
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    you have $1000 => start your mailing list and create a relationship with your subs
    after that you sell quality affiliate products to them


    open a webstore (AliExpress) with some $$$ and send traffic to it (you have $1K)
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      Originally Posted by maxsi View Post

      you have $1000 => start your mailing list and create a relationship with your subs
      after that you sell quality affiliate products to them

      open a webstore (AliExpress) with some $$$ and send traffic to it (you have $1K)
      With $1,000 to invest, provided you know how to sell your products,you can certainly start a profitable enterprise by direct importing from manufacturers in China or other countries.

      I have taught thousands how to do it, but I am not an internet marketer, so I don't offer advice on what products to choose or how to sell them. I leave that to the marketing experts. I specialize in teaching safe sourcing and easy importing.

      Returns can be very quick if you can sell, but maybe that is what you should be learning first. If you are absolutely determined to do affiliate marketing, my book is not for you.

      Just one word of advice: Avoid Aliexpress!

      Safe sourcing and direct importing is a lot easier than many people think. Because there are so many myths and there is so much misinformation published on forums and blogs and in importing courses, I started my AMA. You might like to have a look at it here: Ask Me Anything About Product Sourcing And Importing For Profit. ― Veteran Importer Here.

      Walter Hay
      Use emotions and perceptions to build a great brand. Ask me about my book LabelsThatExploit. For safe sourcing and easy importing from 41 countries globally, see https://provenglobalsourcing.com
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    Find and get yourself a couple of mentors and learn to think like they think. It's really your only way especially if your coming from a 9 to 5 mindset.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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  • You have to choose what you want to be promoting first, and how, to get a "fast" start you should join a program who helps you in the right direction,
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  • I was lost when I started out 6 months ago, joined a program but that program didn't work, a month ago a joined another program and everything is finally making sense and I have already started to se some results.
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    I could do $500/mo with your starting conditions doing local SEO, but this was boring

    And with affiliate stuff, you are better to expect not so quick results as you probably want. Other guys in this thread have already explained this.

    Guys with expertise can make this amount of money with a new project within months. Guys like you (who just start out) need a couple of years. That's the truth (statistically).

    One more piece of the truth is that you are likely to fail (it's not about you, it's again about statistics), spending all your money on magic bullet courses, and after several months fail into depressions and go find a job for this 3-4 hours per day instead.

    You are not going to go this pessimistic route if you treat what you do as a business, not just a quick earning scheme, i.e. you need to be expert in what you do (it seems like you are not). Or become an expert (requires some years).

    A good news is that adding your creativity you can do it faster and more efficient that the most of others.
    Check out Free Researches that will make you a smarter internet marketing warrior
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    Inexperienced people will tell you to get into the "Big Three" Health, Wealth, and relationships.

    I strongly suggest you look for small markets you can easily dominate to get started.
    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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    Actually the Return on Investment (ROI) depends on your skill, Time. If you know the way very good, you may earn this amount of money. I am sure you are in the preliminary stage. So you need to learn the work first. After learning some basic things, then you can buy any courses for advance learning. After earning some money, you will know yourself what its future? how much money you will be bale to earn from this sector. Thanks for your advance.
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    You have enough money to start with. I think you should focus on paid traffic. It is the easiest and quickest way to get traffic. From my personal experience I can say that Facebook Ads can help you a lot. You should also focus on Solo Ads too.

    Do you want to get access to a simple method that will allow you to earn First Affiliate Commission ?Get the exact step-by-step method designed to transform you into a super affiliate!

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    try and see someone who has a product you like. don't just fall into a product for the sake of just making money. think long term.
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    where to start and how as an affiliate?
    I am not finding my way what to start and how?
    What I am searching for is $1500-2000/month. can invest 2-3 hours a day and $1000
    Being an affiliate is not that easy.

    First, you need to identify your target niche e.g. skin care, electonics, baby products, pet grooming etc.
    Second, you need to be an affiliate. There's a lot of site that offer affiliate members for various products and services like cj.com, linkshare, clickbank, and so on.
    Third, you need to promote your affiliate link. Affiliates normally earn by commission. Either you use ppc service(Google Adwords, Yahoo ads and Bing ads) or create your own site and promote your links.
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    To understand affiliate marketing: read about the basics, types of platform, affiliate marketing language, and other important information that you might want to know. Learn from the top affiliate marketers by visiting their websites. There are guides that list down websites that are helpful for novices and experts alike.
    Entrepreneur and Growth Hacker at Growthcasts.co
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    If you're a complete newbie you won't be able to make $1500-2000/month working just 2-3 hours a day. You need to put in work to see results. You need to take massive action, work your ass off, and learn as much as you can.
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    1st of all Don't Confuse & overload.
    Don't search here & there. GO with Slow Process. It will happen for most of them who want to start marketing.
    You can follow only one Method in a time & before finish don't go to another.
    Or if you can invest - get a coach/mentor for that. It will give you result very fast.
    For $1500-2000/month you need to some experience & invest also.

    Best of luck
    Happy to help
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    Hi i have also recently started on this trip but but my road seems to be paved with gold. I found a company that gave all the training, provided me with full training and i have a coach on call in case i get stuck.the best part is that once i have provided them a lead thats it. their sales team takes over. It was a bit of an investment in the begining but it been worth it and im on my way to getting it all back in the first month.
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    Originally Posted by leebosheen View Post

    I am not finding my way what to start and how?
    What I am searching for is $1500-2000/month. can invest 2-3 hours a day and $1000

    Any suggestions?

    That is the wrong search. That is why you are not finding answers.

    What you want to be searching for is niches who are hungry for information and who need solutions to a specific problem. And then find the affiliate program that solves that problem.

    When you get that list narrowed down you'll see which ones have the potential to bring you that $1500-2000/month.

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Information overloaded is very common for most beginner.

    My advise is start right away, learn & improve.

    Here's a general guide for affiliate marketing...

    Hope it helps
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    Your business won’t be either.

    Everyone wants to buy the definitive make money online package and be raking in the dough tomorrow.

    One of my mentors, who has been making his living online since 2006 and who studied Internet marketing for years before finally making money, recently said “I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I have yet to see any system that brought the buyer money overnight with almost no work. I’m still looking for that system.”

    Another one of my mentors once said bluntly, “Look, I’m not going to give away all the secrets to my multi-million dollar empire for seven bucks!”

    Consider too that the product creator is often giving affiliates 100% commission on the front end product. If he’s giving away 100% of the commission on the front end, the only way for him to make money is to sell something on the back end, and that is usually high-priced coaching that can range from the hundreds to the thousands of dollars. The $7 package is designed to give you just enough information to inspire you to purchase the upsell, or enhancement, or coaching program.

    This may not be what you want to hear, but it’s the truth.

    You know, if you want to be a doctor, you don’t enroll at Harvard Medical School, attend classes for a week, and then go hang your shingle out on week number two. No one wants a doctor with one week of medical school under their belt. Right?

    Similarly, if you buy a money-making package on the Internet today, I would not put in my two-week notice at my job tomorrow. You may learn a system, but you will need to know how to perfect it to make it work for you. You’ll need to learn how to drive traffic to your product or service. You’ll need to be able to write compelling sales copy. You’ll need to attract customers and sell them your product.

    Your business may go through several stages. One gentleman I know started a computer repair service where he would go to the customer’s site and perform the repair. He was almost put out of business by another company that did most of its repair service by logging into the customer’s computer remotely. He had to adjust to be competitive and take advantage of new technology. As he went on, he realized that he would be more profitable meeting another need. His business morphed several times and today looks nothing like his original plan. This is why you need to keep an open mind and adjust your business model as necessary.

    That last paragraph may be the most important part of this entire article. Please take note.
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    keep searching, something will turn up.
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    I think you should start with product launch
    because it has a lot of knowledge, experience and the foundation later if you really go the way of affiliate marketing online.
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