I Have Done The Impossible - WARNING: Boasting Ahead

by John Motson 2 replies

A few weeks ago I decided to make a paid membership section on my blog. I played around
with the idea of different membership scripts but in the end decided - why not kill two
flies with one swat : get my list members to sing up for the paid subscription to the great
service that I offer and get them to participate in what I am doing - so I created a forum.

So, I installed vbulletin with a free section and a paid subscription section (for Premium service).
Of course, no marketer can go on their own, so, I needed affiliate management -
to help promote my new paid service. I looked around and iDevAffiliate seemed the best
option, but there was a problem. No one has actually posted any code about integrating
iDevAffiliate and vBulletin. Not at vbulletin.org, not at vbulletin.com, not at idevaffiliate.com

After consulting the owner of idevaffiliate ( to find out what I need to do about the
idevaffiliate side of things ), and some mods at vbulletin.org, I set about creating my first
vbulletin plugin. Keep in mind I haven't made any vbulletin plugins in the past.

Well, a couple of days later I am pleased to present the vbulletin plugin for integrating
idevaffiliate and vbulletin

I have it installed and working on DNXpert Domaining Forum and affiliates can sign up through
DNXpert Domaining Forum - Affiliate Program. I tested the IPN, commission tracking and assignment
and it all works.

Doing a victory dance at the moment!

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    Very cool John!

    About the commissions for your service, are they recurring or one-time?

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      Originally Posted by rondo View Post

      Very cool John!

      About the commissions for your service, are they recurring or one-time?

      The commissions are recurring of course. It's a monthly subscription ( or yearly with bulk discount ), but in both cases as long as the member pays, you get commission (per month or per year ).

      Also, I plugged in a bit of an extra teaser (idevaffiliate rocks)... good performers move up in commission (every 30 sales), the commission goes up by 5% all the way up to 70% commission.

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