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Hey there! I'm currently creating a new product to take people through the VITAL BASICS and help new marketers to get started quickly and effectively and prevent the information overload and set-backs that many have had when getting started. I'd love to hear from my Warrior friends, what they found to be the most difficult part of getting started as an internet marketer, and what 3 primary subjects you would like to see addressed if you could have had this knowledge provided in a package, back when you began.
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    Very original product idea (just kidding). The problem with such an idea is that there are literally hundreds of way for a person that's new to Internet marketing to make money online. What good products do is streamline the process to getting started, and avoid pitfalls. This is usually done by someone who has personal experience with being successful and making money online. Which makes me ask:

    If you're asking this question, are you even making money online? If so, create a product based on your experience. If not, you should not be creating a product that you know nothing about.
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    I'd say the most difficult for me was staying focused on my projects, not being sidetracked, overcoming issues instead of throwing the whole idea overboard.

    Another thing I found difficult was knowing what steps to take after the initial start. You know, when you get into something and it's new and you know just what you have to do to get it running. And then it starts kinda running, but not the way you planned it. And now what next? No one's there to help you decide whether plan A or plan B will be better getting your stalling business flowing better. You're on a tight budget and don't know what to invest were to get ahead.
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    I just started as an internet marketer and the main problem that I am having is driving traffic to my squeeze page. It wasn't hard to buy a domain name, buy hosting, and setting up my squeeze page, the hardest is definitely Driving Traffic to my site.
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    Basically I did nothing online for 2 years, and made $12 bucks. LOL.

    How on earth did i Make the $12 God only knows!

    But when I started doing, and taking actions, I was soon doing $100 a day, and then $200 now we pull in over $800 per day.

    But My point here, is if I kept sitting on my fat ass doing nothing, there would be no more money coming in.

    SO you see it in here all the time....people do that.

    "holy crap, thats awesome"......

    but....then they go away and do nothing!!!....... we are all guilty of it from time to time, but there are the guys, that simple never do anything!!!, and never TAKE ACTION, and then whinge that this IM stuff is fake or a SCAM! know!!!
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    I recommend you to read this article Marketing Today* - Internet Marketing Basics and maybe you will find some interesting and useful information for you!
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    First of all lots of people struggling in IM because they do not understand the basic such as mindset.
    Everything starts from within YOU you attract in your life what you think about.If you doubt about something you won't get any good results.All beginners should start by reading books such as "You Were Born Rich" "The Secrets Of Millionaire Mindset" and so on... My advice never focus on material things look inside yourself your fillings and focus on them....
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