Which E-marketing Tool is more effective ?

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You Know that e-marketing is the way of marketing and promoting and also drive Advertising trought internet Network and trought Social Media .
But The Question is , which Way is more effective on E-marketing ?
About Email Marketing : this Method Based on Promoting Ads using email list and some Paid ore Free Email Marketing Services , Ex (Mailchimp , Response...)

Using Social Media Marketing : Thise Method is based on Promoting Ads trought Social Networks , ex (facebook , twitter , linkedin ... )

i Personnally using Social Media marketing , because it's free and it drive a huge traffic to my blog , without paying anything .
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    Marketers focus first on results and performance driven tools, and then on brand building tools:
    - search engine optimization;
    - paid search marketing;
    - social media;
    - display advertising;
    - online PR;
    - email marketing;
    - social media (paid adverising)
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    E-marketing include SEO , Google Adword. These term have various content through anyone can promote or do marketing for there product or sites.
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    PPC Facebook ads for today is very effective.
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    ppc is always faster. but the free methods can be just as quick, and cost about 100% less

    thats not a bad advantage to have, however ppc got better, more detailed targeting

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