How many unique articles should I write

by robdraw 7 replies
I have written and submitted 2 original articles to the ezinearticles web site of which one has already been accepted and published.

My question is , is it safe to submit the same article to other article directorys or will that hurt the original one with the search engines?
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    I would suggest that you continue to write and post to EZA. Keep writing and don't stop.

    You can post to other directories as well but EZA should work perfectly. You'll want to change the article up a bit first before you post though.

    Hope this helps!
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    If you can keep that 50% success rate I would keep writing and submitting.
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    The search engines don't really like that. When I first got into article marketing I thought "hey why don't I just take 10 articles and submit them to as many directories as possible?". Yeah it's ok if you just want to create a lot of backlinks but it'll hurt your indexing. If you don't want to spend the extra time and effort writing 30-40 articles then you can always outsource the work.

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    Submit to EZA first, then submit to other sites.

    Keep writing, you can always add another article out there.
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      I seem to be getting mixed answers , has anyone tried and proved that submitting the same article to different directories hurts the original , or visa-versa.
      I can write a articule a day thats not the problem I would just like to know if I can get more value for my time, by submitting the same one to different directories and gathering in more backlinks.

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    Write a bunch of unique titles. Write a few variants of your first and last paragraphs. Take one unique article and give it to EZA. Then shake it up with the new titles and paragraphs and submit around. I have done this with article post robot but you can do it manually. Also, take another unique article and use iSnare's article distro service. It takes a while, but you'll see backlinks appear over time over the next month or so.

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    This along the lines of duplicate content and I really don't believe it's a big problem. Sure you probably won't get ranked for each site you submit too, but I don't think it hurts you.

    If it hurt you, what about all the sites that scrap, or people that use content from other sites, all those would hurt you as well. Look at big news sites, pretty much all publishing the same stories.

    You might only get ranked for one article, but sure don't see how the rest can hurt.

    Course just my opinion...
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