Should I Bring My Old Game To The iPhone? (Video Preview Inside)

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Created by Camtasia Studio 6

I developed this game back in January 2005 for my final exam assignment in 12th grade.

Prior to making $ online, since '98 I've been making RPGs and full-fledged games...

It's fully completed.

What you see in the video is a battle engine test.

I've been reading up into porting it to the iphone - and it's possible with Flash.

You guys find it interesting? I know it's a very gamer-focused game and this forum has an older crowd of folks. Still wanna see your input.


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  • Profile picture of the author Josh Anderson
    Why not. I'd probably buy it.

    Love the battle moves.
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  • Profile picture of the author Kezz
    A great big yes from me.

    As a fellow internet marketer, gamer and aspiring game developer (can't be too many of those can there?) I agree there's tonnes of potential with this game.

    I'm very impressed that you managed to pack so much strategic complexity into it. I'd play it for sure.

    If you can work quickly, you could enter the game into the 2BeeGames competition, which is open for entries till Sept 15th. 2BeeGames - Home

    The grand prize is $10K, a publishing contract and a deal to port the game to a console.

    For that matter, you only need a beta, so you should just go ahead and enter whatever you can prepare by that date.

    Even if you don't win, you can get some great exposure for your game if you end up self publishing.

    I really wanted to enter that competition myself but I just couldn't make the time to work on my game

    When you get the full game released, you should shoot for a spot on Bytejacker too: Bytejacker | Reviews for Digitally Distributed and Free, Independent Video Games | WiiWare, XBLA, PSN, iPhone, PC, Mac

    So in short, yes definitely, it looks like a great game and you should run with it for sure.

    Make sure you post back. I'd love to hear how you go and play the game when it's available!
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    Oh and I forgot to say, if you go with Flash for it, you can get really great sponsorship deals here: Flash Game License: Welcome
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  • Profile picture of the author corporation
    I-Phone Apps (and games) are a very interesting market and I've seen people with the I-Phone buy every kind of junk: so, if you give them something that is funny too they should be happy to buy it
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  • Profile picture of the author garyk1968
    You cant run flash on a iphone so you would have to port it to ObjectiveC to get it running.
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  • Profile picture of the author Steve Iser
    Gary there is a way - already did the research.
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  • Profile picture of the author bozz723
    Yes, easily. There is not even a question about it. This game could be downloaded hundreds of thousands of times in a week, you never know. Just upload the thing.
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  • Profile picture of the author AverageGuy
    in many cases, it is the game play that wins the award. game engine itself probably will not make much difference.

    I would say check iphone store, probably you will find games with better graphics. and a simple fighting game probably will not bring you to anywhere. take time to make the game play interesting may bring much better result.

    good luck

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  • Profile picture of the author Asher
    I think it's pretty cool, Steve. It would be really cool if
    you can integrate some kind of storyline into it rather
    than just a plain ol' side scroller game.

    I've played side scrollers but personally, I think games
    with some kind of storyline increases the "stickability".

    Think Rockman/Megaman =)

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  • Profile picture of the author kidino
    First, this is already a great product. Some capitalist might even think of buying rights for it and spin in some way. Hmm... maybe I can get distribution from EA or something... And later you'll see some other guy profiting millions from something you created (thinking of PC-DOS and MS story).

    If it's can be done, and especially if it's easy to do -- just do it already. Put it out there and just see what people say. And improve from there.

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  • Profile picture of the author Chris Stigson
    Wow! That was a cool game Steve! I'm impressed you even created that one on the PC Can I download it?

    - Chris
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  • Profile picture of the author Steve Iser
    Chris hit me up.

    Thx for input folks.
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