Another site is using my graphics

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I found them through my logs - they are not hot linking.

But they were kind enough to link back to me. Their site is actually really cool so i emailed and said it was OK.

I requested they link to my optin and they did.

Heres the page that came up in my stats:

Bodybuilding | Mi?i?na anatomija

I get alot of traffic from flikr and google images too so this shows that quality content does pay off.
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    Actually Gareth this is one of my marketing techniques.

    I make sure I name my graphics specifically with a keyword and name of my site for example msicoach-book-cover.jpg

    I do this in my blogs. So many people just use header.jpg but it is so easy to keyword stack your graphic using this same technique.

    With hosting providing so much bandwidth these days having graphics used by others in their sites is not such a problem and they still are links.

    If it ever gets to much you can always move them to amazon and this is my latest strategy.

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