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Finding JV partners or affiliates is mostly determined by your present connections and networks. And if you're just starting up and don't have any pre-existing contacts or connections, you need to put some effort into creating a good network for the right JV partners. The tips below should provide some guidance:

1. Have A Winning Business idea:
The first step to finding JV partners is to have a strong business idea that sells or will sell. If your business idea is not workable, nobody will want to partner with you. Your business idea must be lucrative enough to attract the right partner or affiliate Before any one accepts to become your business partner, they will want to ensure that the business is worth their time and money, they are going to invest in it. They want to make sure the business will yield enough proceed to cover their expenses with additional profit for both of you.

2. Do Your Networking In The Right Places:
A good option is to start with the people in your own network because they already know, like and trust you. This could be your family members, friends, colleagues, people you know through associations or networking events, etc. By reaching out to your friends, family and colleagues, they might either join the venture or refer you to someone who is a good fit. You could also do a Google search which will lead you to potential JV partners or businesses you could be an affiliate of. Subsequently, you want to contact them and send a proposal as necessary. Of course if you're here on Warriorforum, you're already putting yourself on the right footing. There's no bigger internet marketing platform, so you should find some like minds and great ideas here.

3. Reach out to Your Mentors and clients:
Don't assume that your mentor will automatically become your JV partner just because he or she is the one who coached you, except that was part of the initial agreement and it would be a good fit based on your niche and theirs. However, you can still reach out and ask for their support in whatever form they can help. There are some many ways a mentor can help you find JV partners or affiliates. Your mentor can help you to send an email introducing you to someone who would be a good fit for you. Always remember that your mentors want to see you succeed.

Another group of people you have already built a relationship with are your clients; they are potential JV partners or affiliates. Most of them are already promoting your product and would gladly accept any payment offer for doing that. Therefore come up with a program to enable your happy clients sign up as JV partners or affiliates.

4. Use Social Media:
A social media network is a very good platform to find JV partners or affiliates. In fact, much of business networking gets done over social media and many people often find out about potentially lucrative affiliate programs via social media. But do your homework by doing a proper check of profiles and the businesses involved so you get to know them and their work in order to determine a peoper fit. Do this before getting in touch with those you have identified. See what they are passionate about, what they are working on, and how they market themselves.

You should send them a personal message instead of sending them a connection request, with that you can let them know what you like best about what they are doing.
You should tell them what you like in what they are doing and how you would like to connect to learn more about how you can best support them. Or let them see what you are doing and how they can come in with their professionalism and expertise to be part of it.

5. Telesummits and Giveaway Events:
A Telesummit and giveaway event is one of the most effective ways to find JV partners or affiliates. If you are participating in a telesummit or giveaway event as a contributor, you should get in touch with other contributors and get to know them well.

You can also connect with the organizers of these events and tell them that you would like to support their events. You can offer to do an interview, provide a bonus gift, or even just promote the event. You can easily find these events being promoted on social media networks or from other people's lists. You can also Google "telesummit" and words relevant to your niche.

6. Contacting JV partners Prospects:
When contacting a prospective JV partner, be professional. You should go straight to the point and must be persuasive. Make sure that your intentions are clearly stated in the subject line of your email, if contacting via email. Include a short introduction of yourself and the venture you are proposing. Make sure you clearly identify the benefits your prospective JV partner will gain in the venture, and also identify their responsibility in the venture clearly. Follow up on your email; if the phone contact is available make a call. People will take you more seriously if you go the extra mile to provide appropriate information and you are able to demonstrate that you know your stuff, rather coming across as someone who's simply muddling through and hoping to stumble onto something that works.
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    Thanks a lot for such informative post. New comers will learn a lot.

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    Thanks a lot for such informative post. New comers will learn a lot.
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