Facebook ads: Daily reach- less people and less volatile over time

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Hello everybody! I have noticed something very interesting that has happened to my daily reach for Facebook ads. The very first ads I ever ran, which were about 6 months ago, had daily reaches that were VERY high and VERY volatile. The pattern of their daily reach would look something like this- reaching 4,500 people on the 5th day, 2,000 on the 6th day, and 3,000 people on the 7th day. Now when I run ads, however, the daily reach is very different- it consistently reaches around 1,000 people per day, and is not volatile at all. I have kept the budget and everything else the same as the ads I was running when I first started, so I know it is not something on my end that is causing this. Has anybody else had similar results? Does anybody know why the daily reach would do this? Thanks everyone.

TLDR- Daily reach was very high and volatile for the first ads I ever ran, now it is much lower and much less volatile.
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