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Hello Warriors,

I like to first share my mission: To share the knowledge of wealth to humanity for us to progress greater than yesterday mentally, physically, spiritually & financially.

SO... In hope of this i hope this will keep others from doing what i did and the important is learning from it.

Its been 1 year and 6 month since i've been learning and i've chosen to have my own digital business online, My Financial goals was to make money from first being an affiliate then producing my own products with my own affiliate team. Money and funds was spent and gone broke, then i met a special person who introduced me to a step to step system that I bought his team program constantly keep trying to succeed with circumstances and situation due to lack of funds. Soon that access to the program was cancelled from not being able to withdraw the minimum monthly fee from my account. I know it works because the rich is doing it and so are those who is successful. Again with a bit of money from 9-5 jobs, I was broke again and this time my subscription to domain, hosting, legals like company registration (Acn), email responder accounts and email domain was all cancelled which push me back to square 1. Since i have a family of 4 and wanting to make a difference in the world... this is why Im not giving up, so far my wife's "mind-set of searching for security" I have part-time everyday job just for the essentials- shelter, food, kids needs and vital expenses. You must be wandering why I didn't have any money coming in from the digital business i was creating, My first failure was conversion rates first as an affiliate because i was still in creation of my first product so...

Now im re-tracing my steps and doing it differently than before but this time a bit more difficult with less tools and nothing i can invest in with.

1.I had too look for a free site like a domain and hosting in which i am using word-press so that is my website, I began right away blogging and creating pages that is linked with my blogs that i was passionate to share to the world and have found great world-wide known affiliates that has all the tools that i can just "copy and past" like links banners etc. and began adding that to the page with EVERYTHING free with a lot of content I'm not to sure if i can link my word press site here or not but let me know if you want to see it to give any feed back to improve. I have no yet shared this link because i want leads to trust in me as i trust fully in the content I'm sharing and fully trust in my affiliate links that is also free in the beginning as a gift.

2. I need a auto-responder so im using mail chimp at the moment because its also free, and need a domain email so that those who have doubts and fears wouldn't have that voice of "its a fake or scam email" so I created a free email from mail. com

As for the opt-in I had to use wordpress web-form so they can email straight to my mail-chimp which sends them automatically an email of confirmation and their information that they wanted.

3. While working on my first product of a book/valuable guided steps from millionaire companies e.g rich dad company, Tony Robins etc that i have been a student of and since im not being able to coach yet until im successful, these services im planning to refer them all to the companies that can do these.

4. Theres no point creating a monetization funnel at this point since i only have affiliates products while creating my own. Now I'm pinpointing where the audience are and in ways to capture them and also looking for affiliates to connect so that we can improve each other mission and progression with the same common goal.

So anyone that wants to connect so we can grow together as we can succeed even more powerful, pm me.

5. I have created a clickbank account since its one place i can promote other products and when i have my own i can put it up (a few questions for clickbank, is it possible to replicate a digital business but using that business in transparency as an affiliate in real but as vendor on clickbank? Just ideas if no then its a no)

6. From seeing my conversion keep creating a new account on get response so i can see how im doing, I do really well on people click to the opt-in but the conversion is like 100 clicks to 5 subscribers (so one of the techniques i use a called the whys of asking why people did subscribe, and it lead to a few reasons) Is there any conversion techniques for situation that anyone can help me with.

Well this is where im up to so if anyone has any suggestions on what to do next or what could be done at this point or even to see my website to have a rough idea where im getting at please comment or pm me...

Keep fighting fighters, and never give up

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    I think you should read the rules , the one which will help is 2.1
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    Well, work hard man... keep it up with the free

    Tony Robbins said.. being resourceful is what lead to success

    But if you're willing to push from

    But you know what Anik also said... there is a 1-page business going on...

    Definitely use this if you can... start with a landing page > collect leads by provide cutosmers what they need form you... such as do an online course.

    Once you have enough leads... you can start to push out your own course and introduce it to people...


    The very first thing would be your domain.

    You can hardly build trust with free domain name... or people can hardly remember your site name...

    #1. Would be buy a domain name... then everything else can keep the same.
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      Hey lhlouiscom, that reply meant a lot to me,

      In the past my aim was to be a man of success but now I'm focusing to be a man of values,
      I have been a student of Anik Singal since his first edition released of, "the circle of profit,"

      Yeah I think i should get a domain and everything else free unless i get impatient and start using a abit of my kids fund for quicker traffic (But my wife would kill me for it, for she has seen me failed & failed and she doesn't understand how failing is the only way to win... not repeating it but doing it another way until successful - "woman these days") lol,

      What i Find most important is to find a team with the same common goal, and during that time i had to do it all myself from lack of funds when i should of payed people who was an expertise in that field to work with me e.g creating a a website etc, joining in a team like profit academy, and so on. Money... what a great tool to use... don't you think, well thank you for the suggestion

      Very blessed to have your thoughts to improve, just letting you know that i've added you on warrior forum contact, as I think we can help each grow in the future...

      If there's anything i can help please let me know!

      To sharing the knowledge of wealth for humanity to progress greater than yesterday mentally, physically, spiritually and financially!
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    Great informations that really inspires me. I had started a online business of selling products, I am only advertising on facebook and the result is not good. I am afraid from my business. But I will try improving it. Thanks for your informations and article.
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      Hey, enjamulahsan

      If this is any help (VERY IMPORTANT: Hoping you have an opt-in to have list a suggestion of selling your products your list who had opt-in) just like to recap training from my mentor, there is 2 types of traffic, paid & free, so its either sacrifice of time you invest to get traffic or sacrifice of your own money to invest. If you have a certain x x x amount to invest then there is many proven system that works like ppc, solo ads etc. You just need to keep on going to keep re-trying but using a different method if the last one didn't work until successful. The free traffic is going to cost you time and they could be other social networking methods, blog commenting and others.

      Facebook is one of the great ways to get leads/traffic to your list to buy your product so hindsight where you it didnt go well, and there's lots of ideas that people are rinse and repeating on face book like creating your own page and either use the methods of ppc or solo ads to have tons of traffic to you fb business page. One mistake that i made in the past is posting a sale right of the bat without giving first freely, of what i wanted to share so its greatly depending what your product is and about, if its physical products like a something people can use e.g like tools for home improvement etc.., you can expand it and create a page based for home improvements and have amazon selling it for you (Another online business and technique to sell your product in which theirs tons of information you can find) or have affiliate promoting your product for you like a digital website that you can post as a vendor for affiliate e.g click bank and tons of others,

      I hope this helps, there is tons of ways but as i used to be a person that loves all sort of techniques, methods of financial freedom and anything got to do with businesses i get side track to one step and then would do the next thing when the first hasn't diligently been worked through... my coach had to always remind me... TO F.O.C.U.S: Follow one course until successful!

      You will be able to grow your business successfully!
      So Never give up on your dreams, for your mind is a very powerful. Once your mind truly believes its hard then will always going to be hard, if your mind will believe its going to be easy, then it will be easier. Keep going until life has no other way of stopping you but to give you what you want!

      Add me as contact if you like any help in the future as I mentioned on my mission.

      To Share The knowledge of wealth for humanity to progress greater than yesterday mentally, physically, spiritually and financially!
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    Keep going. The only failure in life is not having tried. You already are a success and this is something to hold onto. Sometimes us women a 'budget crunchers' - therefore I do understand why your wife is wondering about the amount of time and effort and lost $$$ and whether this is really worth it. However, keep on trying and seeking to do things differently. I like your attitude of being a 'man of values' rather than of success. Fabulous. We need people to hold onto their values and seek to make it online by living by their values rather than by what they think will give them the ultimate success, thereby losing or denying their values along the way.

    I also agree - pop over to Namecheap or some other domain provider and pick up a domain name even if only for 1 year and then build your site or blog based on this domain name. Whilst I understand things are very tight financially and having a domain name means also having a webhosting account so to speak, if you can spring for these 2 you will have your email address (based on your domain name) and can still use your auto responder (be careful of Mailchimp because if they suspect you're using Mailchimp free for business they could potentially suspend your account; so ensure whilst you're doing this you back up all your email contacts so if this happens you hopefully by that stage will have built up a list and can afford an autoresponder.

    One other suggestion whilst I'm on a roll, is crunch thy numbers - both with the time, effort etc. and do a financial budget build up. This doesn't have to be major. Simply i.e. first step purchase a domain name, etc. Cost $15 USD approx. Next step webhosting, cost $xxx annually (which you can break down to monthly and even fortnightly amounts) etc. etc. If you would like a financial projected budget template, pm me and I'll send you an Excel file I use. Then you are able to be fully upfront re all the costs and you can implement them in stages. Hope this makes sense. This way you can not only continue to work on using the free stuff, but have a clear idea of where you're wanting to head towards financially and when you're able to afford x y or z.

    Good luck. Keep on keeping on.
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      Hey desley

      Truly thankful for your information and inspiring words of wisdom. I sure will keep in mind about mailchimp, and will take your information in and implement on it. I will pm you and add you to contacts in warrior forum.

      To sharing the knowledge of wealth for humanity to progress greater than yesterday mentally, physically, spiritually and financially

      Thank you for your inspiration!
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