3 Free Social Media Marketing Strategies You Can Use Right Now For More Traffic And Leads!

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Hey there everyone!

In the last few months I've barely been on the Warrior Forum, because I've both been on vacation, and working in another niche using the exact same strategy I'm about to share with you. Hopefully moderators will allow me to actually add my video to this post, so you can have it explained further and better...


(Ok, couldn't embed it, so here's the link to the method in detail...)

You see. I went to San Diego for Mass Control 2.0 and I met a lot of people. Most of them were really "high end gurus" and their biggest secret was video. I left the seminar thinking I needed to do some video, and then I knew I could increase the reach with my videos by knowing some other things as well... So I started doing videos in a "niche"... They already have over 70,000+ views and I'm getting leads, and sales all the time from just 40 videos.

I think the main reason it worked so well is because I've used the 3 strategies in the video above. I add the videos to my "social network" and become kind of an authority because I'm talking about stuff peopel want to learn. I'm their teacher, so when they then visit my blog and see tons of other cool videos, trying to help them, I think it triggers a "trust factor". I think social media needs more "trust and content" and less "buy my sh*t I'm rich" or "buy my sh*t I have this result you want..."

So now, in the last few weeks, like 3 weeks, I've been doing this in the "internet marketing" arena as well, and I've literally tripled the traffic to my blog, increased my Twitter followers by thousands, and added more friends on Facebook, as well as gotten more leads in my business.

So if you want to get some more traffic and like to "be you" then social media is a great way to do so.

So what is the 3 free social media marketing strategies I talk about in this video? Well... Let me tell you.

It's the "triangulation" between various popular websites, I'm sure you know of. And it's EXACTLY how I'm using this myself, right now. If you see the end, you'll know that this post is exactly what I talk about with the "added value" by doing an "article/video blog post" and how you can social bookmark, and share BOTH of them.

It's a quick way to increase your traffic to the blog, because it's something of value, and it's likely to get spread more easily by visitors.

So here's the method in it's simplest forms (remember that it's usually very simple...):

#1 - Create a valuable video on YouTube or Traffic Geyser

#2 - Connect Twitter and Facebook to your YouTube Account

#3 - Social bookmark your video on digg, delicious, stumbleupon, reddit etc

#4 - Add an article and that video to your blog, and repeat step #3.

#5 - Watch your blog grow faster than ever

Hopefully you find this method valuable, and thank me because I'm giving it away for free. I'm sure a lot more people COULD be doing this, but are not. It would make our community more valuable as a result

Take care and live your life to the fullest!

- Chris Stigson
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