Does Anyone Use Terapeak To Find Profitable Niche?

by dedy
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I want to know if there are member of WF that use to find profitable niche. Is that more effective (saving time and effort) use terapeak rather than using keyword tool, market samurai or keyword elite to find niche? And is there any website that has the same features as terapeak to conduct research in niche market but FREE?

Okay, that's all my questions that always bother me! I need opinions and I really appreciate every warrior member who give opinion in this topic.


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    Is that the market research tool offered through Ebay? If so I think its excellent for finding niches. The second digital product I created I used their tools and was very impressed. How much does that cost nowadays? (my experience was a couple years back).

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    Hi Mike,

    Yes, terapeak is a research site specially for research on ebay product. I haven't try it but it seems you have to pay if you want to use their service. The service provide many information about related product that you want to targeted, if you can explore and know how to use it, it will be great tool to find the profitable product.


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      Looked it up and its about $30 a month (24.95 with no add ons). I've come to like services that charge. Scares away quite a few people and leaves the gems for those willing to pay. $30 for that level of market data is nothing as far as I am concerned.

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    Hi Mike!

    Thanks for your information! I think if I have to use this service I have to make sure that I can use the information inside for maximum result.

    Best regards

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    Yes, I use terapeak and I find it very useful to find hot products with very low competition.

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    Hi everbody,

    Thanks a lot for your opinions guys, I can make conclusion for this topic, that terapeak is very useful for finding profitable products.


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    Does anyone still have a 30 day trial link to this? I tried using JAIDEEP2959 but it didn't work.
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    Terapeak is VERY good.

    You can also find out a fair amount of info freely just by browsing through eBay and looking at what people have SOLD (special emphasis on SOLD). I don't know of any other sales platform that makes this info quite so open.

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      I use it as a way to generate ideas for physical product sites -- even if I won't be promoting eBay It's an awesome, awesome way to see what's hot in the marketplace.

      Usually, it is just the starting point for my niche research. I then do keyword research/additional market research, etc.
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    Hi Dedy,
    My son uses it for his ebay stuff swears by it, think of it as an investment not a cost.
    Price at this stage starts at $24.95 per month no 30day trial. Terapeak Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    Good luck with what you choose.............bruceS........
    First 10 Modules for Free.
    Online Business Building Academy
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