Simple Stupid Tip To Get More Subscribers And More Money

by Steven Wagenheim 7 replies
This is going to have people hitting the sides of their heads (at least the ones
that don't do this)

It's a very simple and effective tip. You won't get a ton of subscribers from
doing this, but you will get subscribers that you would have normally not

What is this simple tip?

List your ezine or newsletter, or whatever you want to call it, in some of the
top ezine directories.

Here are just a few of the top ones.

Ezine Publishers & Email Marketers Promote Their New Email Newsletter's Here For Free
eZINESearch eZines Database, The Ultimate ezine Database: over 3,000 ezines
BestEzines - Email Newsletter Peer Reviews & Ezine Awards For Ezine Publishers
John Labovitz's E-ZINE-LIST Online Magazine and Writers' Network - eZine digest and database
eZined: Free Email Newsletters and eZines
ListChannel.Com - Tune Into Your Email
Ezine Directory and eBook Directory

There are plenty more.

Now, there is something else that this will do for you that not a lot of
people think about.

A lot of marketers look through these ezine directories for ezines where
they can maybe take out a solo ad.

If you have a large subscriber base, you can charge some nice fees for
these solo ads.

Also, a lot of marketers look for ezines to JV with. This is a great way of
possibly landing a JV that could bring you in a nice tidy sum.

And the beauty of this is, you do this one time (takes about 10 minutes
to register with a directory) and that's it. You're there for as long as the
directory is in existence.

My advice would be to update your member count as often as possible
especially if it increases regularly. The ezines with the largest subscriber
bases are the ones that get the most solo ad and JV offers.

Anyway, just thought I'd pass this little tidbit along.
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