Save Big $$$ on All the New Product Launches! Guaranteed!

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Note: This method is guaranteed to save most folks here a ton of money. I personally have saved THOUSANDS using this method, so give it a try!

Most of our email is full of notifications when cool sounding tools, infoproducts, themes, software, services and more are launched.

They have the launch and how to squeeze the most $ of it down to a science. You'll get a carefully scripted sales letter (or video sales letter), free stuff to entice you (prove the author knows their stuff), see tons of testimonials of happy customers, dime sales, upsells, downsells, and more.

All of this is carefully designed to transfer money from your bank account to theirs.

Sometimes people get the feeling that they have some sort of relationship with the seller just because they get emails 3 times a day. Did you know that getting your money is why you get those emails and stories? This is their job. Many don't really care whether you use or even download what they sell you. They just want the money.

I'm not saying sellers are bad I'm just saying that everything they do and say is designed to get you to give them your money. When I send out stuff that’s my goal too. I really care but I hope my care turns into a transfer of funds.

Now here is where the trick comes into play.

Let's say you are drooling over the newest FB training program. Or maybe it's a new theme for your blog. Or whatever else, it doesn't matter.

Here is what you do (using the FB program as an example):

Think back to any previous purchases having to do with FB and ask yourself these questions:

1. Have I used the stuff I've already bought to the maximum? Did I follow all the directions or did I skip over the boring stuff? Did I even download it? Did I open it? Did I read it?

2. Do I have an FB page/group/ad (whatever the previous program taught) up and running right now? Is it where the public can see it or is it hidden because I'm still working on getting it ready?

3. Have I continually worked on improving my page/group/ad to make it better, increase ROI, etc. or did I just set it up and forget it. The point is that many here have sales pages, for example, that have been up for ages yet they make no sales because they do no marketing. We not only have to publish we have to market and improve things. This is a continuing process.

If you have followed the previous program and you have your page/group/ad up and running and if you working on making things better then go ahead and buy the new program if you feel you need it, can afford it, and have done your due diligence on the author/program.

If not, don't buy the newest program but use the one you already have.

If you haven't used what you already paid for, what makes you think this time will be any different?

Don't be an addict. Buy what you need but then use it.

Like I said, these simple tips have saved me thousands.

What about you? How many purchases have you made but not used or even read or downloaded? Don't worry – we keep things our fellow addicts share here confidential.

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    I'll get the ball rolling.

    Hi. My name is Mark and I use to be an addict.

    I have a folder on my computer named Warriors. It includes 433 items that I have downloaded mostly from the WarRoom or through free WSOs. All of it came through here.

    I have never even opened many of those things. Most of those that I have opened, I just took a peek but never really used them.

    There are exceptions but they are exceptions.

    Let's don't get into the other folders. LOL

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    Here is even a better way to save big money on product launches. Become a great affiliate.

    Many vendors will give you review access to their products if you are an affiliate that has proven that you can deliver sales.

    A while ago many vendors would give all of their affiliates review copies but many of their products started showing up on Blackhat forums as free downloads.

    This has caused many vendors to only give review copies to people that they trust. Hence...Become a good affiliate for a vendor and he/she will happily give you a review copy of their next product before the launch.
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