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Hi Guys.

I am through fooling around and I am about to go full time online, i have some blog writing jobs and my affiliate marketing to provide my income. My question is for those who are already full time online, what things should i really focus on and things i should avoid?

Any suggestions are welcome.
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    You said it yourself bro.

    If your doing well in affiliate marketing and blog writing, FOCUS ON THAT

    I only do two things myself:

    Ebay Marketing (goal to be a silver powerseller)
    Affiliate Marketing (Creating my own products, selling other products while building lists)

    I would likely never venture into CPA, website-flipping, adsense income, blogging, etc...


    until I feel I've masterd the two above. Keep working on what your already doing and master it to perfection. Then you can branch off and try other things.

    I should also mention I'm not full-time, but close to it (I still work a PT-job). I don't need to, but I'm going full time in about 2-3 months
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    Thanks Josef

    Like you said i should really focus on what i am currently doing
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    Yep, just scale up what's already working. If there comes a time when all that is on autopilot, then you can risk some of your time on other things.

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    Like the title

    If you are already having some success with your marketing efforts just do more of the same and write out a plan of action for each week to keep you on track. Once you get enough cash, outsource the work and carry on looking for profitable niches.
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    Avoid distractions - you will probably find it difficult at first. When you are working you should be concentrating only on income generating activities and really necessary admin.
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    Yes that seems to be the problem of most guys that transitioned to full time, its the lose of focus and not knowing what to do. I am afraid i might fall to that trap. So what i really wana know is how do you guys keep focused and how did you scale up your business.
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    Hello buddy!

    Nice to hear you're scalling up! Welcome to the club..Full time..ahhhh But wait it still is usually fool time

    anyways, since your going towards the writing route too, I recommend a nice little site about ghostwriting..

    I'm on the process of building one so your lucky, I can assist you.

    I checked your review site and I think you're missing one important thing..Opt-in box..

    so in case you're going that route better get an autoresponder now..

    Email aces has a free option for starters..

    Also we can exchange reviews once each of our ghostwriting site is up. That is if you're going that route..

    All Success!

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    Thanks Raul, We need to meet up one of these days.
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    Guys what did you have to sacrifice when you moved to full time?
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