Good to promote more products or a few?

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Consider me as a newbie in Affiliate Marketing, eventhoughI have tried Affiliate Marketing many years ago, but nothing in return, probably I was not as serious as now.

I have managed to get approval to sell some of the products from JVzoo, Warrior Plus, share sales, webgain, etc.., am I getting too many products to promote? Sometimes I really get confused am I doing the right thing? as I started to promote multiple products I became lack of focus, for one of the products from Warrior Plus, I received 100+ hops but no sales.

Can someone here guide me how should I handle this situation? should I focus on a few products or should I promote as many products as possible?

Your comments are welcome.
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    I'm just promoting one product for 3 years already now. And I'm fine with that. I think you need to choose just one with the best commission and focus on it until you can make it in a reasonable time or period before you go after the others.
    You know, each product may need a different way to promote it, and you don't want to waste your time and energy doing that (trial & error).

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
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    Learn from your experiences, if you spread yourself too thin, it will be difficult to keep focus.

    In my opinion, it depends on the product(s). How well they convert, commissions, how popular, trends, etc.

    But even if it's a very profitable product, I wouldn't just put all the eggs in one basket, instead, I would diversify to reduce risk and grow in the long term.
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    it may be better to target a niche and not worry about how many products. If you can generate good content and get people who like a certain niche to be interested in your words, then you can offer any product to them within that niche. Lets take health for example, instead of worrying about which products to promote, worry about making a blog or website that will get people to trust you to the point where it doesnt matter the product, they are buying it out of trust to you.
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    If you sent 100 hops to an affiliate offer and received no sales, then the number of products that you are promoting is not the problem.

    The reason you are received no sales is for 1 of 2 reasons.

    Either you promoted a product that people did not want or you promoted the product incorrectly.

    I would guess the latter.

    The truth about online marketing is that conversions (sales in your case) are more about the process than the product.

    I would guess that you did not pre-sell your traffic before you sent them to the affiliate offer.

    Your best bet would be to learn the process of how to turn your traffic into conversions and worry less on how many products that you are promoting.
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    It's not about how many products you should promote. It's about finding out what problems your visitors/users/members have and then promoting a solution to said problem. If one product solves all of their problems, great. If it takes 10 products, that's great to.

    Identify problems, provide solutions.
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    Before you promote, make a business plan first and identify the following:
    1. target niche - identify competition and profitability
    2. keywords -identify your keywords
    3. target audience - identify which location and age groups you want to promote your affiliate links
    4. products -only promote products which have a high demand to your target niche
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    Originally Posted by webmarke View Post

    Your best bet would be to learn the process of how to turn your traffic into conversions and worry less on how many products that you are promoting.
    Outside of the "churn and burn" crowd, most of the successful affiliates I know of promote one product at a time, and the ones who do promote multiple products stick within a narrow topic.

    For example, if you were marketing an email service provider, you might pick one lower end product like Aweber, a higher end product like Ontraport and a self hosted solution. Lay out the pros and cons of each, and make a recommendation based on the prospect's stage of business.

    Don't get scattered by trying to promote too many different products at the same time.
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    Start off with just one product. A product that is already proven to convert. Something with earnings per clicks.

    Learn the demographics of the person that would be interested in that product and learn where they are online and how to get in front of them.

    Separate yourself from the 10,000 other affiliates and create and set up your own funnel and work on building that list because your asset will eventually fall to that with time and persistence.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    You need to concentrate on a single sub-niche first. Try promoting one or two products and track everything you do. Then once you have substantial data , analyze, interpret and decide on the next step.
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    It all depends on your budget. If you don't have much too spend or don't like risks, then expend most of your energy at finding a few good products that has the most upside potential.

    If you're starting making more money, then scale with other products.
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    One thing I (and others) forgot to mention is the effect of time.

    If you only ever promote a single product, your funnel is pretty short.

    On the other hand, if you have a series of related products, you can extend that funnel. But you don't want to promote more than one product at a time. You also have to figure out how long to promote a single product before moving on to the next.

    Keep hammering away at the same product, and people simply tune you out. You become that annoying buzz in the background. That's not good.

    On the other hand, if you make a good case for Product A, but A just isn't right for a buyer at that time, yet they still want to hear from you, you can move on and make your case for Product B. B might be just what they're looking for, and they pull the trigger. Best case, they really like B, so when you start making your case for Product C, they're already half sold simply because they now trust your recommendations.

    If you had tried to hammer them with A, B and C right off the bat, you confuse them. And when you confuse them, you lose them.
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    Jumping in late here, but I'd like to provide a contrary example:

    On my website, we feature several thousand products. This isn't to say that they are all actively promoted at all times, but we have that many because part of our business model is to provide a place where people can and do shop around as they would on an e-commerce site. As part of our efforts, we also promote -- to varying degrees -- a much smaller subset of products through our various channels and our newsletter -- if I had to guestimate somewhere between 20 and 50 different products a day.

    And it works. For us.

    For some reason, there seems to be just a few business models that most people around here seem to follow -- and that most people assume everyone else is following. There's the Amazon Review Site, the MMO Squeeze to Autoresponder, etc, etc. As such, people tend to do the same thing whether it makes sense for them to do so or not -- and they tend to advise others to do the same thing too.

    I'm not suggesting is that our model is the best model for all people and all businesses. I'm just pointing out that you can be successful going against what is often thought to be conventional wisdom. In fact, I'd argue that one of the things that most holds many people back is a lack of creativity. Instead of trying to be innovative, instead of trying to offer something new or better to their customers, too many just do what everybody else is doing -- which makes it hard to stand out from the competition, which makes it hard to attract traffic, which makes it hard to make money.

    In the end, I don't think the OP's question is very helpful. It all depends on the business model. And right now all we know about the OP's business model are the affiliate networks he uses. And while I think it's tempting just to copy what everybody else does, that's generally just a recipe for mediocrity.

    It may be best for the OP to focus on just one product. But until we know more about his business model -- and I'd wager, until the OP has actually defined one for himself -- it's premature to advise him.
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  • There is really nothing wrong with promoting several products as long as they are in one niche. What you should probably do is to re-check your pages and see if you've missed anything with regards to your content, layout, and navigation. Try to test your website pages, especially the landing page. Sometimes, small tweaks to your website can change a lot in terms of conversion. Additionally, you should also check your traffic. Conversion depends largely on the amount and quality of traffic you're getting. If you're tracking your traffic, then start by analyzing the data found on your traffic report to see if you're getting enough traffic and if the numbers come from quality sources.
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    Great to receive all respond from the members here, it give me a wake up call, yes, there are a lot more I have to learn from members in this forum, I truly appreciate the members who have replied to me.
    Thank you so much!
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    I have seen people a single product for years and they make enough.the best strategy is to choose one or two may be that gives you a better commission then the rest of the lot and focus your self on trying to promote it on different forums and by using different strategies. Once you have done that nicely then you can think about going after more of the products. That way you will learn more and earn more as you will be more focused and you want feel like keeping up with multiple tabs at the same time as that can become very lethargic because you have to go through the same steps for all the products one after the other.
    Learn from your experiences.If you get a few products that convert nicely and gives you good commission then you are doing good in my opinion. I wont say stick to one product only. it is good to diversify and spread the risk but not too much.
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    Originally Posted by Carson Sedna View Post

    . . . as I started to promote multiple products I became lack of focus

    You just answered your own question.

    Start with one good product.

    Build a list in that niche. Drive traffic to the site. Provide good content onsite and nurture your list. Keep all your focus on one thing. Stay with it until you get traction and start earning consistently.

    There is always time to add a second, third, fourth product after you have set up a well-oiled profit machine with your first product.

    Some experienced affiliate marketers can handle multiple projects simultaneously . . . but by your own admission you are new to this game and can't focus on multiple projects just yet.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Choose the product that has made you the most money so far, assuming its in profits.

    Continue promoting it until it stops working is how I did things.

    Hope that helps,

    Isaiah Jackson
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