I know next to nothing about Youtube ranking, Please help me..

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I'm afraid I'm quite inept when it comes to video marketing and ranking.

Would anyone be so kind as to tell me what steps are required to rank a video on youtube as well as google results, from the keyword research to the optimization and the building backlinks for a video?

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    If you are new to Video Marketing, and looking to reach your target audience faster then there is no better option than youtube. But firstly your uploaded video to youtube should be well optimized

    teamprojectmayhem.com explained how to do SEO for your youtube videos.

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    You must read complete backlinko guide to understand how to do video seo. They have also taught how to optimize your video content on youtube. There are various other links to make you understand to do video seo, but I found this best..so I am sharing this link here.
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    Buy a WSO about doing things with Youtube at WSO section. Just buy one! The cheapest one if possible. Then use it and follow what it said to you... and you will learn a lot to make it right along the way. Good luck!

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    Video title and description is the main role to optimize your videos to get more views. Gives an engaging title and description for all the time. Next, a cached thumbnail is also one important thing to cover your visitors to view your videos. So use some cache thumbnails.

    Video length is also the factor to get more views normally 2-4 mins video can make some impacts with the users and promote your youtube channel to get more subscription. Try with social ads and shares that're also helpful to boost your video ranking.
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    Very good question and excellent suggestions. There are a range of small strategies you can undertake to support ranking your video:
    * Select the major keyword for the title of your video. Prior to uploading the video to YouTube ensure you change the file name to include _ between each work of your keyword title for the name of the video (Once you upload the video to YouTube delete the _ from the title of the video name to be shown in your YouTube channel.
    * Prior to uploading your video go to the properties section of the video file and complete all the relevant details.
    * Ensure when you upload the video to your YouTube channel you write a very good description in the description section and ensure you include a link to your website/blog or affiliate product you are promoting.
    * The jury is out re how to use the YouTube tags, so I suggest you experiment. Some say, keyword tag stuff - the more the better. Others say select your tags judiciously and use a maximum of 3 -5 tags. So best you decide for yourself and maybe test with a number of videos as to what you think works best.
    * Ensure whilst the video is uploading that you complete the extra information i.e. geographical location etc. etc.
    * Double check the thumbnail that YouTube wants to select for your video that it meets the image you want people to first see when they see your video in the YouTube search. The reason being sometimes YouTube select a thumbnail image in the video that is not the most optimal one. If any thumbnail they've selected doesn't meet your requirements upload your own image and select to use that image as the video thumbnail.
    * Once uploaded it's then a matter of promoting the video to as many people as possible, i.e. drive as much traffic as possible to the video, as this will support YouTube to consider your video is important and relevant.

    I agree there are a broad range of courses, EBooks, on using YouTube to work for you rather than you work for YouTube.

    Hope this assists. Good luck with what you want to achieve.
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    There's nothing to worry about. you can read about YouTube SEO here YouTube SEO: The Ultimate Guide

    and you can learn more about how YouTube videos works here https://support.google.com/youtube/?hl=en#topic=4355266
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    First of all, you need to create a quality video that people will love. It is the most important thing. If you can value to your video, If you describe the whole matter on your video, people will like your video and share that video. They will do the automatic off page seo. So my suggestion is focus on your video content and your title, tags and video description. The rest work will be done automatically.
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    Thanks for all the tips and everything, but I still don't understand anything about the keyword research, like how to you decide whether the keyword has too much competition etc? In google AND in youtube.
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      Originally Posted by karmadog View Post

      Thanks for all the tips and everything, but I still don't understand anything about the keyword research, like how to you decide whether the keyword has too much competition etc? In google AND in youtube.
      IMO, this isn't the way to market on Youtube. Your goal isn't to choose a keyword, it's to find a niched that has a wide variety of popular keywords. You want to make a number of videos, not just one, and cover as many popular (and profitable) keywords as possible.

      Change your train of thought from finding a single "perfect" keyword to a plan of covering as many keywords as possible. How are you going to make a bunch of good (don't have to be great) videos related to a general topic?

      Consider these:

      Does the niche have a number of popular topics/keywords with a lot of videos about a variety of topics with 50,000 plus views? Or do all the videos about something only have 10000 views or less?

      Search YT for popular videos and ask yourself: Can you make a similar video?

      How fast and easily can you do it?

      Can you make the video for free or cheaply?

      Do you have access to stock images and videos that will work for that topic? Or can you film it yourself or use screen capture?

      Don't look for keywords, instead look for popular videos you can make yourself. Then "borrow" the tags (keywords) from some of the most popular videos.

      The thing with keywords is, they aren't chiseled in stone. If your video doesn't rank in YT, you can change the keywords in the title, tags and description later and try again...and again.
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    Make your video description as long and thorough as possible, and include as many keywords in it as possible.

    Don't make your video too long. Jam-pack as much useful info as you can into the shortest video, so your viewers stay engaged & watch until the end.

    Use your best keywords in the title.

    Be sure to include a transcript, and enable closed captioning.
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    Get in the habit of doing research using both youtube and google. You can find all your answers there and even get the latest up to date information. Step by step

    It's part of the process
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    Check out IMpowerclub by Cliff Carrigan, he has a great course on video marketing & video SEO


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