58 Hops but $0 sales...

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Hi there..

I've a question to ask you guys. I've been promoting an affiliate product and so far I've sent over 58 hops to the main page but still no sales.

So my question is, should I wait until it reach 100 hops before I continue to promote it or quit being affiliate right now?

I believe that I've sent laser targeted visitors to my squeeze page as my traffic are from articles and SE traffic.

Any input from you guys will be greatly appreciated!!

P.S:I've read some of the EZA articles in my niche and most of the authors are promoting products with clickbank gravity of 37.1 and 25.89 respectively while my product is only 11.63.
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    100 is too little in my opinion. I usually give it about 300-400 visitors before I make a decision. If I am using the affiliates landing page sample directly and seeing no conversions after say 400 visitors, it could very well be the product's market is slow or not that active.

    Sometimes it is the mere promotion that I am doing that is in question. I've had $0 in sales with 400 visitors and then boom boom - 2 sales in a stretch. Give it at least 200-300 visitors before you decide.
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    I just saw someone on another forum say they had 59,000 plus hops and no sales. I think 58 is too few to tell.

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    If the page has a 1% conversion rate you might have to send 100 people before you make your first sale (okay, technically you might have to send even more, but...) so I think you're possibly jumping the gun a little bit.

    However, it might not be a bad idea to start scouting around for someone else you can plug into that slot if the current one continues to fail to perform.

    Jay Jennings
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    It's still a bit early to quit the product. Sometimes a great converting product has a slump and you can go a few hundred hops with no sales then a bunch all at once. If your research of the product implies that it is an in demand product where money is spent in that niche I would carry on promoting and see what happens.
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    58 hop is nothing to go by in this instance...

    Even after that, you need to be sure that you have been pre-selling strongly enough for the hops to be worth taking into consideration..

    If you are 100% sure that you are pre-selling your traffic, then give it 2-300 and look at it again.



    Bare Murkage.........

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    Email the owner and ask what the normal conversion rate is - at least you will then have an idea of what to expect. If after 500 good targeted visitors you still fail to make a sale you will need to ask yourself why.

    Get a couple of friends to visit the page to give you another view.
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    Ive gone times when the number of non-converting hops made my stomach turn. But then boom bing bam, you get a few in a row. Its the nature of the business...but yes, you need a little more data before scrapping
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  • surely you've researched your niche before spending money promoting a CB product. 58 is nothing. min 200 at the very least.
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    If I were you, I'd wait until you get around 500 - 1000 targeted hops.

    That's mainly 'cause I like things to be even =P.

    But it really does give you a clear view. Aand are you sur you're promoting enough and to the right crowds and keywords?

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    58 is indeed nothing. Plus even if it did mean that the product was converting poorly (which it doesn't, you need at least 300-400 to say that), it might mean that your presell method isn't good as well.

    I mean, one product I was promoting failed to make any sales in the first 100 hops but today I am at 2500 hops and about 50 sales!

    Another instance was that another product I promoted sold its first copy in only 7 (yes, seven) hops and I thought it was unbelievable But another 200 hops after it still stood at 1 sale. I still promote that product but expect something like 1 sale per 150 hops, not 7.
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    I would wait till at least 500-1000 hops to get a true sample of the conversion rate.
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    I'd be inclined to putmy efforts into converting those visitors into subscribers
    on my mailing list. We know that it takes several contacts to convert a visitor
    into a buyer, and building a list is the best way to do this. In addition to this,
    if the product isn't quite right and least you can attempt to turn them onto
    something else.


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      To The Op,

      as everyone has already said, 58 hops nowhere near a good number to see if that product is worth it. You see you could get 300 hops with no sales and then all of a sudden you just have a ton os sales.

      Remember we are dealing with people here.!!!!!

      So even though it's a numbers game will still have to take into consideration that its people who buy the products. So the only way to ensure you get sales is to drive targeted traffic and make sure you pre-sell the product properly.
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    A conversion of %1 means that everyone who visits the sales page has a %99 chance of not buying.

    If your conversion rate is really %1, the mathematical chance that someone out of 58 hops will buy the product is a mere %45.

    In fact, even with a conv. rate of %1, there is a %40 possibility that no one out of 100 hops will buy the product. I think I'll just make a thread out of this
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      A couple of weeks ago I made a sale on a day where I had something like 5 hops - it was also the first day I had seriously started to drive traffic to the niche site in question. Compare that to this past weekend - I drove a couple of hundred visitors to the site, 40 hops and no sale. I'm promoting a few different CB products on the site, but the one that sold has a gravity of 6. You just never know when you are going to reach that person that is prepared to get their credit card out and click 'buy now'. I don't judge products by their gravity, I judge them by the quality of their salespage Like others have said, 58 hops is nothing - you can only really judge after a few hundred, and even better one thousand. I'm sure the sales will come for both of us though, stick with it
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    58 hops is really not that much. Wait until you hit the 500 mark.

    Good luck.
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    You need a far bigger data sample than 58 as others have said.

    Even if an offer converts at 5% you can get 0 from 58 easily.

    It is akin to tossing a coin 5 times, you will often get NO tails.

    Even though tails should appear around 50% of the time in the long run it doesn't mean you will get 2 or 3 tails on a small sample of 5 tosses.
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    While I am totally on the same page with everybody on this thread that 58 clicks is nothing, I wonder if we can can up with a better number than a gut feeling?

    In this thread I see recommendations from 200 to 1000 clicks to make the decision. Personally, I think 200 is still not a good number, but how do we know if 1000 is?

    Can someone just sit with a piece of paper or Excel and get a table? After all, that's just math statistics. Calculation of confidence intervals is not magic, formulas are well known. It's just a couple of hours work at worst (including refresh of the college course)

    The only thing is that confidence intervals can say that after X number of clicks Y number of sales you can be sure with P% probability that conversion rate is going to be C%+-V%. What would be the useful P and V?

    Any opinions?

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    Think about this. How many sites have you visited today. How many products did you buy?

    People always forget that this is real people we are dealing with. Marketers tend to think that if you send 100 visitors to a page with a 2 percent convertion rate, you get 2 sales. That is not true. You can send 500 visitors and get no sales, and get 5 sales when you reach 505.

    It is like throwing a dice with 100 sides on it. One site is marked as sale. If you throw it a million times you should have hit the sale side 10.000 times + - 1000. If you throw it 100 times, you are not neccessary going to hit that side at all. Try trowing a normal dice six times and see if you hit each number from 1 - 6 one time. Chances are you will get 1 of the sites 2 times.
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    58 hops with no sales is normal. try to get more hops till you reach 300 hops. 300 is when you know that it's not worthy
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