RSS Feed: Can I Get an Article Feed From EZA or Just Author?

by Ouroboros 5 replies
I've started using RSS feeds in some of my projects and I was trying to add my EZA articles to Squidoo and another site. I looked all over EZA and I couldn't figure out how to get RSS for individual articles.

I won't go into details but I wound up doing some pen names and resubmitted my 'other' articles to 'separate' them into niches or categories, but I still haven't figured out an individual article feed for ezine articles. Just Author feeds...

Someone tell me this is easy and I just couldn't figure it out. I'm thinking if I could add a feed to my lenses and my Wordpress site every time I got an article approved, I would have automatic updates... and feed the spiders while avoiding any possibility of duplicate content.

Does that make sense?

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