Who needs help right now? I'm free for a couple of hours..

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Hi Y'all,

Just thought I should give back to the forum. So since all my work is done for the day and I can spare an hour or two.

Who needs help?

(review, etc..even 1 squidoo lens if you provide the article)

All Success!


P.S. The fastest gun gets the help

EDIT : CLOSED :-( Fastest Gun PMed..sorry folks
#couple #free #hours
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    Originally Posted by rapidscc View Post

    Who needs help?
    Which niche should I attack next?

    Or is that too non-specific a kind of help? LOL.

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    I'll take you up on it. Should I PM you?
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      Hi Omar,

      This is really cool if you could give me some advice about landing pages -setting up a mini website promoting one product as an affiliate. Would you say it is better writing a review about the one product only or would you said writing a review about 3 products is better rating one as the number one product?

      thanks in advance!
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    Sorry Cris I jumped on the PM and message after.

    Here is the deal though. He is helping me now for my new product release tomorrow. I will come back in the next couple weeks and do the same. This would be a nice pay it forward started by Omar.
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    No problem. Hope you have a successful and profitable day tomorrow. All the best.
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    I probably am not the fastest gun... But could use help. let me know if I can disturb you.
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    are you available for a few questions?
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