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Hi members

Well as you can see I am new here and I have been reading most of your very positive and useful posts for the past few day, and may I say how refreshing it is to read all your helpful knowledge.
Now have decided to join the new world of Internet marketing.
I certainly hope and will do all I can to become as successful as some of you, not only in mind but financially too.
I also recently joined the Cash-On-Demand System by Andrew Reynold which he has send me the first Module.
Very interesting man by the first impression, so I am just wondering if any of you have tried his system and how successful have you been?

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    Welcome Amel. I am glad you have joined this fabulous forum. You will learn tons here.

    I have not had any experience with the program you joined, so can't comment on that.

    Anyway, good luck in your IM career.
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      Many thanks Crissanteiro

      Well yes I am thoroughly enjoying this forum.
      I am just wondering how long will take me to get everything up and running and am looking forward to make my first £1.00 or $1.00 .
      Any way many thanks for your kind comment.
      P.S. I like your web site very much, tones of information I be looking in to your web site in detail.

      Kind Regards,
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    Amel, congrats for your decision to join Internet Marketing, and this forum. You'll find no better place to learn things than here.

    The first and foremost advice that should be given to newcomers is that you should take action immediately. Most people just go out and buy twenty reports and get "analysis paralysis" and fail to take action at the right time. And when they decide to take action, they have information overload and can't put all those theory into practice, and thus get discouraged.

    It is much better to both read and APPLY what you have read. You will learn much quicker by doing things yourself! Moreover, taking action rarely needs more than a couple of dollars, so even if you fail that won't set you really back.

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      Many thanks Talinn

      Great Advice, actually I have taken Action about two weeks ago by acquiring a program from a English gentleman call Andrew Reynold which call Cash-On-Demand and I have received his first Module and I have red and watched his videos so far, very positive, so basically I am starting from Zero, I think the first thing I have to learn is how to make my first web site and go from there, am I right?

      Kind Regards,
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