How stupid are YOU?

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Heya folks!

Not a deliberately antagonistic headline that. Just the theme of an interesting new report I just read called "Triumph of the Stupid" which I thought some warriors might benefit from.

I must admit, I had to chuckle to myself (in an "Eek!" kinda way!) in a few places; "Guilty as charged!"

It's basically about focusing on ONE thing. Getting ONE thing done at a time. And being too smart for your own good.

It's a preview report to a series of what I assume will be paid products.

If you're feeling scattered or like you're treading water and doing the ol' twirling 16 plates on 4" sticks routine and/or you're still convinced that multitasking is the way to go, then you might (not) like this report.

Once you've read that, I recommend you get a copy of Paul Myers' "The Fortune at Your Fingertips", clean the clutter from your hard drive, and then get down to focusing on something through to completion!

Just thought I'd make quick mention of that here; I'm sure there are some folks who could benefit from the simple advice in both those reports.

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