Is buying a website on Flippa worth it?

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Lately I've been very curious about buying an established website on Flippa, or even a starter site to see where things go. Has anyone had success with this? It's quite tempting, but I would hate to waste my time and money on something that's not worth it. There seems to be a lot of "fluff" in the marketplace, as you can probably imagine.

I appreciate your advice!
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  • Its depending up on you, what king of business you doing. but it is worth what you paying for
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      Originally Posted by Christyjohnson Johnson View Post

      Its depending up on you, what king of business you doing. but it is worth what you paying for
      I second that. I've bought sites on Flippa before with great results. Great way to skip on web design costs.
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    98% of the websites on flippa is not worth the asking price they want.

    Sometimes you find a real seller, actually trying to off load his decent websites (those are the gems)
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    Flippa is a breeding ground for scammers.
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    Every marketplace has good and bad apples. Look at all the fake products on Ebay.

    There are good sellers on Flippa. Do your due diligence and research the sellers reputation on and off Flippa.

    Just remember there are no free rides. Someone promising you easy money with no work is likely scamming. Any good business will require you to put in the work to keep it smooth.
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    Yeah, Flippa is really good source for buying a new website. Even I have taken 2 of them. Also their service and support is really good.
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    There are a lot of websites for buying on Flippa. But you should be careful. I would suggest that you spend a few minutes and watch this video (it's not my video):

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    I'd be very careful and do some thorough checks before you hand over any cash.
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    buyer beware.... tons of fluff.
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    Many of the sites on Flippa are sold over and over again. So you may end up with a clone that is resting on multiple domains around the web.

    I have to ask myself, why would a person sell a very profitable business that had a proven track record? Certainly, there are a few legitimate reasons, but would someone ever tell you "it was too much work for the income" or "I got tired of the amount of profit"?

    Just be extremely careful, only trust people with a positive legitimate selling history, and don't overpay based on greed or a hyped up income claim.


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    Good sites on Flippa are hard to find. I've sold and purchased multiple sites in the the $XX,XXX range on Flippa. There is some value to be found in this range, but you have to do your homework. I don't think any of the "new/start-up" sites are worth it.

    As mentioned above, why would someone sell a site that's making money unless it was time consuming or not worth the effort? I've sold off a few sites on Flippa to finance what I thought would be better investments, which is the only real logical explanation that I can think of.

    My advice would be, when buying a site prepare for the worst case scenario. The list to be cold, the traffic to fall off, the sales to decrease, etc. Have a plan to drive traffic, develop leads, and improve the business before you buy it.

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    One need to check the following things before buying a site from any one. 1. How many content is in the site? 2. Is the content original or, Plagiarism? 3. Is the content valuable or not? 4. How many traffic is on the site? 5. Is the traffic targeted or, not? 6. What is the page rank? & so on. After checking these information, you will be able to take a decision how much the price may be for the site. If you do not understand these, you will never be profitable by buying sites. Thanks for asking this question. best of luck.
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    It's still worth it if you can find something that you think has a lot of potential - but first you have to do your research to see the amount of traffic it has, if it has any negative backlinks, if it's penalized by Google or Bing, and whole lot other factors.
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    I'd be super careful about buying websites on Flippa.

    A lot of junk there.

    Check out instead.

    The sites listed there are more expensive, but you're not going to find any junk or get ripped off.
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    Ohhh, how I miss the old Flippa, when it use to be called SitePoint. Those were the good old days, when you can buy a site for $5k and make $3k/monthly. Now, it's not as great and the prices of the sites being sold now are ridiculously high. A site that makes $250/month is going to cost you $30,000.

    Yes, I have purchased a few sites in the ranges of $xxx - $x,xxx. I really only made out with one great site through out the years, that made me a lot of money.

    Now, I go to Flippa just to do some competitive niche research or get some ideas. Well with anything, just do your research before buying.

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    Thanks for the tips, everyone! I'll certainly do my research if I find any websites that interest me.

    I appreciate your help!

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    I bought $18k worth of websites on flippa (one direct sale from a flippa seller that I met last year). 7 sites in total over past 16 months.

    I've made back about $11K in this time. Note - I've bought about $10K worth of sites (4 sites) in the last 3 months - so these guys are just starting to pay for themselves.

    My two oldest "flippa" sites have made about $9K, and their purchase prices was $8300.

    1st site I bought in Feb 2015 for $5K - it has earned about $4800-5200 since (there is some Amazon affiliate income that I wasn't tracking, so don't know for sure).

    2nd site I bought in Oct 2015 for $3300 - it has made about $4k since, so PAID FOR ITSELF and is now earning $$

    Others, like I said are too "new" to have any meaningful results, but they've earned about $1500 in last 3 months.

    So basically, may average RIO is: 75% for first site and 140% for second site

    I've explained these numbers in greater detail here

    BEWARE of Flippa Scams

    I agree with other commenters - 99% of flippa sites are JUNK. Most are Black Hat pumped sites made for quick sale - u buy "traffic" that drops like rock in month or two after u buy - so you need to be VERY careful when choosing a site. However, it is possible to find real gems.

    Example - i bought a site for 2x monthly income just few days ago (most of my purchases are 18 months of net profit)

    My "secret" is to buy sites with HIGH organic traffic, and LOW income. By low I mean RPM under $4-5. I prefer AdSense monetized sites. I buy them, optimize for higher ad revenue, write a few posts (or have someone write them for me), clean up old posts, and install AdSense optimized WP theme, so more people click ads ...

    Kinda straight forward process.

    Once again - the biggest problem is to find Gems, and not to get scammed

    Good luck
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    There are some good websites too. I constantly watch flippa for listing and there have been some websites sold that were real gems, but those are very rare and you need to know how to filter bad ones.

    Red flags:
    * New websites: if the age is 1 year or less there is a no-go. That website can't have a real base of returning visitors and search engine value. Probably someone who is creating websites, put some links from other sites in his network ( or other places where he can get good links for free ). After you buy it the traffic will drop and they will tell you that you have to promote it.
    * Turnkey websites. These are websites just built after a template. Not worth it.
    * Flipping. If you try to buy a website that has been recently brought, it might be a little flag. It might be good but the seller just want to flip it for a quick profit.
    * Declining websites. After a search engine penalty or some problem with the website, the seller will want to get rid of it. Traffic drop is a red sign.
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