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When you are writing an article and you are putting keywords in for SEO do words such as and, the, a, and or count?

For example, if my keywords were "training puppy" and I used a title or sentence that stated "training a puppy" would the search engines still recognize the keyword training puppy or would adding the "a" mess it up?

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    Training puppy and training a puppy are the same exact thing in my experience.
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    Generally in past experiences putting small words inbetween keywords, doesn't do anything, type training a puppy into google, notice in the upper right how the "A" is black and the other two words are clickable?

    So yes, Training Puppy and Training a Puppy are the EXACT same thing.
    Xoxo, Danielle Faith
    Xo, Faith and
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      Thanks so much,

      I was hoping for this answer. It makes it much easier to write a coherent article.

      Some days I need all the help I can get to be coherent.....
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        good question lol i was about to ask it myself
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