Has anyone ever dominated a search result of more than 5,000,000

by rapidscc 11 replies
I was just wondering if anybody here has ever dominated a 5,000,000
search result.

I'm starting a new site and when I checked the total google return is about 5M.

So just wondering what to do?
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    of course 5 million is not a hard number to dominate

    it all starts with your content and backlinking, including some site optimization

    your question is a little vague, what exactly have you done so far so people can help you specifically this forum has all kinds of information available to you

    you just need to do a little research

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      Sure, it's possible to compete in a search term with that level of competition.

      I've been doing SEO for a while now, but was able to conquer a competitive niche even before I had a good plan together. I created a large, high quality site and submitted it to directories. I also did a few article submissions and contacted webmasters for links. Over time, people linked to me because the content was good.

      So I think even if you're not an expert you can do this. Just make sure you go for a niche that will make you a profit. You should really target keywords and phrases that get fewer searches and have less competition first to make sure you'll get conversions. You'll also gain momentum this way instead of going for the top search term and spinning your wheels for a long while (because you might give up before you get anywhere).

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        I think it could be possible. I have a site that ranks #3 out of 12,400,00 results. And it's a fairly competitive market.

        I SEO'd the site and have directory links pointing to it. I also have enough sticky content that when people click on it they don't just hit the back button. That's important, otherwise your ranking will evaporate. That VRE is important to the search engines and they don't want to waste it.

        I think you would have a hard time getting a squeeze page to rank like that, but a site that is tailored to your market and really delivers should be able to rise in the rankings over time.

        FWIW, there was a 900 pound gorrilla site that dwarfs the living daylights out of my site that I thought would be hard to compete with at first. That was until my site began to out rank it, at least on that tier one keyword.

        That site ranks in the first 20 results for 107 keywords and my site only does that for 73 keywords, so we compete head to head quite a bit.

        But I have something on my site they don't have. That something is good sales copy. My visitors are engaged and that makes a huge difference. We both sell the same products, they put their money in a fancy catalog, and I applied salesmanship in print.

        Never underestimate the power of good copywriting to help you rank well. The search engines compare time on site before a visitor hits the back button to continue searching, so if you can be stickier than the site ahead of you, you can do really well over time.

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          I dominated results with over 14 million pages... except for the fact that nobody searches for that keyword

          i.e. it doesn't matter how much pages there are for that keyword... its how much people search for that keyword
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    I have a page for a well visitied/search term with results (currently) of 17.9m. I bounce between positions 1-4 and have for the last 5 years... rarely dropping below 4 (actually, I've never seen it rank below 4).

    The number of search results isn't totally irrelevant, but if you're looking to dominate for that term, I hope you're getting the idea from what others have posted here that there are so many other factors to take into consideration...

    - how are the other sites optimized for that term?
    - can you make a google/youtube video and outrank the others by video results?
    - what kind of competition is there for the term, and how many sites are there in the space?
    - who's linking to who and how can you get some great sites to link to you
    - etc...

    Maybe a little more specifics will help people to answer this question more specifically for you... In general, I would say not to focus too much on the 5m results... It's something to take notice of, of course, for about 10 seconds and then move on to much more important factors.

    But if the question is, is it doable, it's absolutely doable, and shouldn't take very long to achieve if you do it right.

    Much success to you!

    Jonathan Kraft
    There are only three ways you can make money online.

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    Well, sure, there will always be someone that dominated the top spot for ANY keyword. If they can do it, why can't you? You can, it just takes some time.

    Here's a quick outline of how to do it:

    Post unique content to your site every day.

    Each week submit new articles to article dir's.

    Bookmark your new content on digg and so forth.

    Just do that for 6 month's or so, and you'll have killer
    ranks. Even if your not at #1, you should hit top 10.

    Nick Marks is an author, speaker and was announced as the Internet Marketer Of The Year 2007 by Russell Brunson & DotComSecrets.

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      Since I'm pretty new with websites, I try not to compete with over a million websites. Like others have said though, someone has to be be on the front page, it might as well be you.

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        Originally Posted by Carol J Smith View Post

        Since I'm pretty new with websites, I try not to compete with over a million websites. Like others have said though, someone has to be be on the front page, it might as well be you.

        I know most of the gurus will tell you to go after a small niche. I don't agree with this. As long as you focus on the basics I outlined you can go after any niche you want...

        Think about it this way: Why is there so much comp for those big niches? Because they're making a lot of money!

        If you want to go big, go after a big market.

        Nick Marks is an author, speaker and was announced as the Internet Marketer Of The Year 2007 by Russell Brunson & DotComSecrets.

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    and if your using a multiple keyword phrase, those numbers are hugely inflated over your true competition.
    using quotes will show you how many sites actually use that phrase, and not just some of the keywords scattered across the page/site.


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    Just to let you know it can be done, I rank on page #1 of the Google.co.uk engine and page #2 of the Google.com engine for a phrase with over 60 million results; and I am climbing the serps for that term too.

    Will []
    Whether you are a Reader, an Author or a Website Owner, we have something for you!

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    Your competittor is lying on first few pages and rests are no one just keep this thing in your mind. Your one week work of SEO and you will see your SERP booming.

    So just give at least three months of get at the some respected place. But original contain and quality backlinks is the mantras
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