How to Fight Content Fatigue?

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If you are a blogger who has been writing for some time, then you may already be familiar with the term 'content fatigue'. Those who are not should know that this is used to describe stifling, overcrowded content that seems to be everywhere. Writers and bloggers consider content fatigue as their ultimate nightmare and try to avoid it at all costs. Whenever particular posts or content pages start to sound repetitive and carry too many irrelevant details, followers and readers lose interest. This is why everyone aims to ensure that they prevent content fatigue from ever settling in.

However, sometimes, despite the efforts of the writer, things can go awry. Some years ago, it was all about content everywhere. Suddenly there was a boom and content with images were found all over the internet and social media. This slowly made people realize that they wanted something different and not the same thing over and over again.

Analysts stated that over the years content driven channels started to post a decline in visibility and influencers on social media became more careful about endorsing particular content. Now, everyone has slowly begun to accept that they do not want to be smothered by over flowing content any more. Quality is what matters. When that starts to suffer, it means that a writer may be experiencing content fatigue. Take banner ads for example; they were the new 'it' thing for a little while, but then it go too much and nowadays, we hardly get to come across any of those.

Content fatigue can happen to any writer or blogger, no matter how good. Only a few are lucky enough to prevent it. This is because they follow certain guidelines that help them come up with new and improved content every time. Here are a few tips from those:

-Make a list of ideas.
No matter when and where, just make sure that you record any new idea regarding a topic as they come. You still need to write down anything that flashes through your mind, even if it's something trivial and you may not find it valuable at the time.

-Have a strong opinion.
Your content is going to have a stronger impact on the audience if you are opinionated and not afraid to put your thoughts out there. Holding a strong opinion is the key to getting any argument or idea across.

-Choose an interesting and relevant topic.
The first and foremost thing that will attract people to a content page or a blog is the topic. If you haven't writer about something relevant and current, then chances are that the audience might not be that interested in it. Today, most people have shorter attention spans and want to find instantaneous connection. If the topic or headline of a blog or content page is not interesting enough, then they tend to ignore it.

-Provide value in the content.
Just don't write because you have to. Make sure that your content has something valuable to offer to the readers. Most people make the mistake of publishing a blog post only because they haven't written anything for a long time. If you don't have something which can benefit people, then take a little time and ponder over potential interests.

-Frequently interact with the audience and get their feedback
Sometimes content fatigue occurs when writers start to publish content without any idea of what their audience wants. Hence, it is imperative for bloggers to be updated with their audiences every changing interests. Usually, it so happens that when a blog does well, the writer tends to get complacent and do not value their audience's feedback and comments that much. One has to remember to know their readers at all times and never stop paying attention to them.

-Employ a smart strategy
Have your audience actually look forward to your blog posts. Publish in a manner that makes your readers want to go over more content.

-Patient and originality
Success in blogging does not come overnight. One has to write well and patiently. Accumulating followers and building an audience will take time. Do not try to just capitalize on a trend by rewriting another person's blog or content page. If you cannot find an original idea at the time, wait it out. Success and followers will eventually come if your content has quality and engages people.

-Add visuals
Words alone would not do the trick. In order to engage your audience, try to add podcasts, videos and images to your content. Visuals will go a long way in enhancing the blog and help attract more people.

-Do not ramble.
This is the golden rule. Your content must not appear as if it is a ramble. If you have run out of arguments and points, just close it and publish. The aim here is to write quality content, not fill up a web page with words that have no real value.

These are some of the pointers to remember that will help you avoid content fatigue. You must keep in mind that this can happen to anyone, even if you are a great writer. Just take a break, go over ideas and current trends, and then come up with something. Writing is an exhausting task and at one point or another, you are bound to feel the pressure. It does not mean that you have lost your touch, only that you need a little time.

Bloggers who can keep their readers interested at all times always do this. Whenever they go through a block, most of them go on a break. The idea is to publish quality content every time. Whether you do it regularly or not, if your blog has interesting topic to engage people, it will be a hit and chances are that content fatigue will also stay away. Keep your thoughts and ideas flowing, make a list and then elaborate on them later on to create something unique which makes you stand out.
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    Truly genuine pieces of writing are the rarity these days. The entire online writing industry is one gigantic rewriting machine. Even if it seems that you've stumbled upon an original post/article, you can only be sure it's original according to Copyscape or Google plagiarism standards. I read somewhere that there's an unimaginable number of new novels being published every single day. I can only imagine what's happening with the newly uploaded posts, articles, web pages, and similar.
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