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Communication determines the success of your business. Especially in the contemporary business world, where the positivity of your stats depends almost entirely on the information you are presenting in the market about your organisation, effective communication is becoming an arduous task. Unlike the past, when people would be impressed by presentation and witty marketing tactics, the world today demands maximum information to ascertain your value. Getting your message across laden with maximum information and data within limited time and resources is becoming a challenge for businessmen and marketers all around the world.

Using written words as a means of communication is an essential part of making a business work. Irrespective of the size of the organisation you are running, you will always have to market yourself through written content. Almost everyone with a good grasp of grammar and linguistic skills can write articles for your business, but what makes these articles a more effective marketing medium?

Here are a few tricks of making sure that you maximise the benefits that you can reap from the articles you disseminate to market your organisation:

- Don't make it long
The first rule of the business world is that quality always surpasses quantity. There is little you can achieve from a lengthy article written to market your business, because your potential clients might not always have the appetite for elaborate reading.

While producing content for your articles, always retain in mind that 'less is more'. The content should be brief, yet comprehensive to make sure that the information hungry target audience knows exactly what you have to offer. Writing articles in a manner that is short but contain adequate information needs wit and some prior experience.

- Jargon is not as appealing as you think
The best way to make clients and recipients of your articles avoid reading your written content is to use jargon. Now, not everyone has the time to Google all the complex technical terms you employ in order to make your articles look more interesting when it is actually doing the contrary. Use simple, more common words wherever you can to substitute jargon. Seamless communication via articles means that what you write in the articles is easily understood by people from all walks of life, unless you want to restrict your marketing campaign to those who are equipped with the necessary technical knowledge.

- Proofread more than once
Some customers might judge you based on that one typing error you made in the article. It is important, therefore, to proof read your article carefully and preferably more than once. Experts recommend proof reading a prepared article not directly after you are done writing. The brain is wired in a way which makes it work less efficiently in noticing the mistakes you might have made in a freshly generated written article. Take your sweet time to make sure that you articles have no slot for objection from the target audience by proof reading your work multiple times.

In order to make the proofreading more effective, professionals suggest reading the article out loud to accentuate the mistakes, if any. The sound of certain words and phrases can aid in the recognition of areas in your articles that need amends.

- Keep the tone appropriate
Your mood has a very profound effect on the tone of your writing. When angry or frustrated, your article might have a tone that is repulsive or is not in-line with what the target audience actually expects. Write in a relaxed setting that improves your creativity and helps you in producing a balanced written content.

- Present features as benefits
For articles dedicated solely for the purpose of marketing, it is important that details of the product and/or service being marketed via the article are presented in a manner that reinforces the marketing campaign. Experts recommend that the key features of the services and products of your businesses that are vividly explained in your articles should link with their uses in daily life. For instance, if you offer counselling services online, your article can articulate how these counselling sessions can be of advantage to the target audience by relieving them of most of their mental stress.

- Avoid being too 'literary'
Writing stories for the weekly magazine and producing articles for your business are two entirely different tasks. Avoid beating the bush and inserting details that are not related to what you are trying to articulate via your email, advertisement or brochure etc. The use of fancy vocabulary is highly discouraged by pro article writers.

- Make the customer feel important
To make your articles more striking and intriguing, spend less space and words in praising your company and those who are a part of it. Prevent the excessive insertion of 'me', 'we', 'my/our company' and other words and phrases that make the article look 'egoistic'.

The use of 'your' and 'you' makes the article look more personal. Focusing more on addressing you customers and their needs in the article is bound to give your sales the boost you have been yearning for.

- Add facts
Adding testimonials, reviews from customers and validated rankings of your business can make your article a hit among your potential clientele. Most of the people in your target market wish to see what leading business analysers and experts have to say about the product and/or service you are offering. Instead of accentuating your success as 'WE ARE THE LEADING BRAND' in your articles, insert a few authentic testimonials to speak for you.

It is completely understandable that as a marketer or a businessman, you might not have the knack required to write articles for your organisation. Do not hesitate in appointing professional business writers to produce articles that are not only going to represent your brand in the market, but are also going to maintain your clientele. It is better to be safe than sorry!
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    Good points. Also remember people don't read. They scan. So it's good to break up your paragraphs every few lines, and punctuate your copy with some style, such as bolding, and larger headlines where appropriate, to set sections apart.

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    Writing isn't a rocket science, but it's also not so easy as some of my clients like to think. I mean, if you want to write something only you're supposed to read or your friends, then it's an easy task. Yet, if you want to impress the wider audience and your clients or customers, then you have to work hard. Cheers!
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    These are all good tips. I would add the best way to make your articles work harder for you is to promote them in as many ways as possible all over the Internet. If you spend one day writing an article spend the next 6 marketing it. The more eyeballs on the great article you have written using silveroaks tips the better results you will get from it.
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  • There are more than just one way to make your content interesting, engaging, and important. Aside from the tips above, you may also create your content on a different medium. Infographics is one popular way to do this. and this is getting very popular nowadays since content with graphics attracts more attention online. Vlogging is another option nd a good startegy for those who want to build their reputation/brand online.
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    Well said and written Silveroaks. That's why most technical people, despite their knowledge in KWR, SSM and other automated tools go wrong. Capture the audience well.
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    Great tips.

    As an additional tip, I think we need to also lay out articles in a way that are easy to read.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    All highly sound points and generally good, however long-form articles can indeed be valuable depending on the niche, as long as you are providing value, entertainment and the magic principle of 'authority'. A very successful blogger who has been in the game a good long while discusses this very aspect, on 'Blog Tyrant'-worth looking up (no it is not my own).
    It is a funny one because we can tend to generalise and become 'generic' in our advice, when in fact we have to be highly specific and specialised -sometimes going very deep is worthwhile, despite the fabled short attention spans of modern people, not everyone has ADHD and some like to read.

    The whole basis of what we do as human beings is based on Communication, nothing would be possible otherwise. I work with communication, publishing on the Web, digital media.
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    I like the 80/20 rule. Spend 20% of your time creating your content and the other 80% promoting it.
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