Can you rank Wordpress.COM sites to the top of google?

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Since they're on subdomains usually?
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    Yes it's possible as Wordpress has decent page ranking potential, but what it really comes down to is the quality of content and less of if you go with Wordpress, Blogger or Weebly blogs for example.

    One tactic you could try is trying to rank your Wordpress as high as possible, but if that is not happening you could try forwarding your Wordpress to a .com domain that you own with an extremely targeted keyword in the domain name.
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    If you are talking about wordpress free blog with .wordpress sub-domain... it is difficult to rank such blogs. Free version supports very few features whereas paid hosting with wordpress installed have rich features to make your blog or website attractive.

    It is another thing that if you have a extremely interesting thing in your blog .. you do not have to think about paid hosting and marketing services.
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    Free WordPress is very hard to rank in Google as you do not have full rights on it and you cannot do everything with it. Better go with self hosted WordPress blog for better result.

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    i only say that its too difficult to get top rank, only get free traffic or backlink, i'm sure that
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    You can rank specific posts pretty well, the .com Wordpress has a lot of link juice but your blog as a whole is more difficult to rank as an entity-you are more wise to use a .com WP site as kind of 'PBN' where you can provide strong links to a self hosted site, a lot of pro-bloggers do this as well as site owners in general.

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    a free WordPress site? yes you could.....

    you could also toil for your boss night and day to build out his company while you're at it.

    Why on earth would you want to serve another when you can be the master of your own domain?

    Flesh out your OWN website and rank that.
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    I'm not sure I have never seen sub-domain websites outrank Authority websites, even if they have quality content.

    But interestingly, I have seen many times sub-domain blogs easily outrank other authority sites - I have seen them many times on the 1st spot in the first page of Google.

    I'm not sure why that happens, but I think it's probably because Blogspot is owned by Google.
    Thus, it gives them a chance to rank in the SERPs.

    Plus, with Blogspot sub-domains you can monetise your content using Google Adsense, you can directly apply for the program inside your Dashboard... Unlike, - you have no rights to monetise your content, they expect you to work for Free!

    But, If you can definitely go for the Self-hosted WordPress website, you will be glad you did
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