Writing an EBook- Tips to Get the Word Out

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Nowadays, a lot of people are going down the path of writing and publishing E-Books. These books are a convenient and easy way to get published digitally and have your thoughts and ideas out in the world. If you are a writer who already has experience with blogs and content pages, the next best step seems to be an E-Book. While blogging is a great outlet for the expression of thoughts and opinions, it's the E-Book which carries more substance and weight. When you write an E-Book, you are no longer a content writer or blogger, you officially became an author.

Initially, the idea of writing and publishing a digital book may seem appealing and exciting, but in the long run, it requires a lot of hard work and effort. What most people forget when they begin with it, is, that writing is just the easy part. The challenge arises afterwards.

Once a person finishes a book, he or she has to factor in the audience, market, publishing and promotion. Even if you are not selling your book for profit, you still have to market and promote it for the audience. Unless the people get to review and rate the book, it will not be able to make a place among the digital libraries.

In order to get support from platforms like Amazon and Goodreads, E-Book writers have to make sure that the content and design is top notch. If you are planning to make some money off your book, having it listed on Amazon or reviewed by Goodreads, can prove to be highly useful.

However, these are the big leagues, and making it up there is not easy. A writer has to come up with a well-planned and carefully executed marketing strategy that captures the attention of both the readers and publishers aptly. Once you are done with all the final editions and changes in your book, it is time to focus on building a marketing strategy and getting the word out.

Now there may be no absolute formula for success when it comes to E-Book writing and publishing, a few tried and tested tips have come in handy over time.

- Create an overall plan for everything.
Planning it all out carefully and thoroughly will help writers identify their target market and realize how they want to go about promoting their book in the end.

- Make sure that the audience can benefit from the work.
While selling and making profits might be important, it should not be the sole focus. Write about topics that are relevant and can benefit your audience. Promote your book among people who can take something substantial away by the end.

- Be creative
This is integral to a good marketing strategy. Try to come up with unique and interesting ideas to create a hype regarding your work. Once you are able to get people excited about your E-Book, they will promote it on various forums and share the information further on.

- Use social media effectively
Talk about your book with your Twitter followers or Facebook friends. Get the word out to everybody you know and ask them to share it as much as possible.

- Release an excerpt or chapter from the book
This is a very good and effective strategy to get people talking about your E-Book. By releasing a small excerpt or chapter, you will build anticipation and prompt your readers to get the full version.

- Promote it via Email lists
Your email list is a highly effective way of establishing a personal relationship with your readers and getting them to show interest in your work. Notify all the people on your list about your upcoming book and garner their attention by sending regular updates.

- Networking
The more you get people discussing your book on different forums, the more hype you will be able to build. Try and get early reviews from audience members and get people to post about it on social media. This will go a long way in bringing your book into the limelight.

- Put in as many links as you can
Reach out to famous bloggers and ask them to link your E-Book within relevant content. Make sure that you have written about a trending topic which people can easily relate to. This way you will be able to link your book with popular searches and current trends.

The above mentioned pointers can really help writers get things on track. If you are an author trying to generate the audience's interest regarding your work, these tips can prove to be highly useful. Just remember that whether you are trying to make some money from the E-Book or writing for any other purpose, getting the word out to people on time is what matters in the end.
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    Excellent article, and very helpful post you have here brother. I was just reading how important it is to "condition" and audience with relevent information and regular updates surrounding your content!

    Very well done!
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    I can't stress enough the need for eBook writers to check spelling and grammar. I have read so many eBooks over the years which have glaring mistakes in them. It takes away from the content for me and makes me wonder if they really do know their stuff if they have forgotten to check this vital element ahead of publishing. Just a thought to add to the thread. Have a great day everyone.
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    Nice post.

    I would also like to add that Creating an Ebook also needs a great Ebook Cover Design for online buyers.
    Live a laptop life style by working home base
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      Really Great Info. Once created a E-book. You can post it in Clickbank and other Affiliate websites. So that other Affiliates will sell your E-books. Just get the Profit from it. Its an Awesome way to earn online. Autopilot.
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    Writing and publishing an ebook is the easy part if you think about it.

    Going out and marketing it will be your biggest challenge. You have to master marketing and know how to market effectively.
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      Originally Posted by talfighel View Post

      Writing and publishing an ebook is the easy part if you think about it.

      Going out and marketing it will be your biggest challenge. You have to master marketing and know how to market effectively.
      yes, i have lost a few thousand doing this mate, trying to get a team, hire them tell them what to do, and they do it incorrectly. You get indrectly no sales, and no leads either.

      But these days with the internet, you can do this, and there are the right people that you can do this with, and train and blow up your business, and your profits 5 times, however man! its hard work, and to pin point the exact person is harder than first thoughts!

      it is possilbe, but you have to work your ass off. But then again, who said making money was easy anyway. Right?
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  • Profile picture of the author evaeyal
    Great tips you shared with us!
    Writing an Ebook is indeed the easy part. like @talfighel said
    The hardest part is to get traffic to it
    Thanks you so much for your tips, I definitely will implement some of them now!
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    Perfect timing. I just finished 2 ebooks and now have a solid starting point for moving to the next step. Thanks so much for the info.


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    As a person that hires VAs to help with books ...this is good info
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    Truth is, when it comes right down to it, what matters most is:

    1. You have targeted a very deep, emotionally charged desire within your target marketplace
    2. Your title and marketing target this desire at its most fundamental level
    3. Your ebook promises (and ideally is able to deliver on) fundamental transformation for your target audience from the point they actually are today to where they see themselves being in their mind

    In that sense, what you are really selling to, in terms of your ebook or info product, is hope - a quicker, less painful route away from what your market does NOT want toward what they do want...that is really the secret to selling a lot of ebooks or information products

    Keeping it as simple as that has worked extremely well for the dozens of products we have developed and sold over the years.
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    this thread reminds me of a old member called WordsIndustry ! like it has been used before I remember that there was a barney back then on how crap it was...
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