How To Use Your War Room Membership

by drmani
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There's a lot of buzz around the War Room membership.

Many folks just realized it was $37 for 20 years - and think that's GREAT value. It is. And then again, it isn't... if all you do inside is what you do with the gold that's all around right here in the main forum!

So I felt like sharing a few thoughts about HOW to use your War Room membership to get MORE value out of it.

1. Do NOT try to read/consume everything at one go! I see posts saying how people are planning to spend X days/hours reading and learning. imho, that's NOT the best way. Take ONE (or a few) topics related to what you're doing, or what you want to do. Study ALL reports inside the forum about it. Enhance your knowledge. Make your plans.

2. ACT. Reading alone won't get you richer, more successful or moving towards your goal - unless it is backed by action taken on the knowledge you acquire. Determine to have something DONE with what you learned within a fixed time frame - and stick with that goal.

3. SELECT. Be picky. There's a wealth of information in there, but for that reason it's easy to get side-tracked and engaged in discussion that isn't quite productive. If I were you and getting started, I'd start with reports by Admin (Allen Says). Each one of them is a profit-pulling technique. I know because I've used MANY of them - and even built a website once outlining how.

4. SET LIMITS to how much time you'll spend in there learning. That will help cut down on following meandering threads and essentially time-wasting comments posted on very useful posts. You need the posts. You don't need the rest.

5. Marlon Sanders recently put out an ezine issue which I absolutely loved. In essence, it says that to succeed, you must "consume to create" - and then, all that you focus on is to "produce and promote". With that mantra in mind, what's inside the War Room is a treasure trove of wealth-creating ideas.

These are just a few tips that come to mind. Please feel free to add any more you believe will help.

And for those who aren't yet members, don't obsess over it. Sure, there's value inside. But there's also value OUTSIDE, right here.

If you don't see it here, chances are you won't see it in there either... so the key is to open your eyes and mind, observe and profit.

All success
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    Great Tips Dr. Mani,

    I especially like the "consume to create" part!

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  • Profile picture of the author Paul Ho
    I think the first tip is really applicable.. when I first went in there I was pretty much overwhelmed with the wealth of information.. I think there's enough stuff there to keep you occupied forever.. lol..
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