If you can't get .com, what is the next best thing?

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I am looking to register a domain for a client but the .com for their name is taken. What is the next best? .net?
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    I think .net is perfect. You also can go with .co or .info. If it's your client's personal blog then I think it's better to go with .info. Because .info goes with personal blogs rather than others. Hope you got the point
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    .net and .org are almost as good as .com, but other ones like .info are less good.

    Also, consider using a slightly different name for .com, such as adding another word or something, as .com is best if you can get it (because people trying to remember the website name tend to assume that it's .com).

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    I agree .net and .org .. but it also depends on the niche and where the site is.. for example i run a travel site in the UAE and .ae is working GREAT for my tartget audience ...
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    sometimes you are better off just seeking another .com It all depends on what is going on with the .com. For example if the .com is already a site and branded then why would you want the .net or .org

    On the other hand if it is just a flipper sometimes it is easy to just add the word "the" at the beginning of the domain. I did this for a domain I wanted, there was no site or branding for the domain but someone was selling it for 10k I just added "the" at the beginning and bought it for 10 bucks

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    It all depends on what your site is offering. Obviously .com is best followed by .net etc...

    But if you are offering information then I say go with .info

    If you are offering a business angle then go with .biz (I've done very well ranking this one)

    If you are targeting a specific country such as Canada, go with .ca

    If your target traffic is popular with mobile users then try going with .mobi
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    Originally Posted by Grapple View Post

    I am looking to register a domain for a client but the .com for their name is taken. What is the next best? .net?
    Play about with the wording. You may get a .com just by changing the words around or adding a dash in between words.

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    If you choose the .org a lot of people might assume you're a nonprofit, since it was used exclusively by nonprofits in years past. Although private companies can use it now, I wouldn't use it just to avoid confusion.

    I have seen some good, profitable websites recently that are going with .io, so maybe that could be something to look into.
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    The site is for a woman that hosts weddings in the Philippines and does travel and tourism tours.
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    The type of TLD is mattering less and less, there are sticklers for the .com choice and no amount of argument will ever convince them-but the market has changed and is changing-with the expansion of TLD types, have you checked out exactly what is available these days? .beer, .sport,. online, .xyz ---heck it has massively expanded. The potential for traffic is not down to your TLD, it is all down to the quality of your site build and marketing.

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    I'd do .net as a secondary option, I'd also look at other options for .com in case you could get creative with it. However if you are targeting a country consider having the country at the end ie. .au, .nz
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    I'd get the .net, but I would check out the domain that has the .com and decide if I still wanted a domain name that already had an established domain on the .com extension. If there is a well established .com site, I would probably opt for a different domain name that had the .com available.
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    A good name matters, for example I don't imagine a sane person claiming "The Four Hour Work Week" would have sold just as many copies if it was called some other name.

    Having said that, having admitted that the name can indeed matter, and matter a lot, I think people tend to spend too much time worrying about .com or .net or .whatever. And the worry in most cases is just an excuse to not get moving and get shit done.
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  • .net is always perfect for second choice
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    Originally Posted by Grapple View Post

    I am looking to register a domain for a client but the .com for their name is taken. What is the next best? .net?
    For what purpose? If it is for SEO then TLD has nothing to do with it, any TLD will do and will work for you. However it is fact though that .com is what people usually preferred.

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