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I am preparing to publish an ebook in a few weeks, and have a question on format. Is it acceptable to deliver this ebook as a simple pdf document, which has been converted from a nicely formatted Word doc? Are there any issues of security or acceptable 'norms' that I should consider. It is research-based, and content-rich, and in a medium price range (under $50 - but will be cheaper as a WSO), so I don't want to appear to undervalue it by taking an easy (and less expensive) route to publish it than, say, buying special software.

I'd appreciate your feedback.
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    Kerry, I publish e-books with a password that has to be requested so that you can keep track on who is buying them and that they are not being resold by others.

    Paypal also uses encryption for payment and this is pretty secure as you are notified when someone buys and then they ask for the password directly to you. Anything else can be messy as I found out the hard way when using computer codes. Not everyone can understand how to copy and paste a code into an email, believe it or not.
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      Thank you Norma.
      Are you saying that with the password, they are unable to e.g. email the book to someone else? Can you recommend the software you use?

      Also, I think my major concern is that the ebook looks good. If I chose to go the word/pdf format, do you think Warriors, for example, would be critical of it. From my observations here most are interested in content rather than bells and whistles. Your opinion?

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        Originally Posted by Tom Borowski View Post

        I bet most Warriors have seen their share of crappy ebooks, from a formatting point of view. Missing page numbers, no index, spelling and grammar from hell... you name it. So they're probably not going to be overly petty about the looks.

        If you can put together an ebook that is formatted well, page numbers, index, titles, readable fonts in an acceptable size, etc. you could really set yourself apart. Albeit, the content has to deliver of course, that should be a given.

        And from a technical point of view: PDF is fine, just be sure that the tool with which you create your PDF does its job right. I'm on a Mac and I get lots of PDFs where the hyperlinks don't work in the default PDF viewer (Preview). They're underlined and blue, but not active. A shame for anyone who's using affiliate links in their reports...

        And I wouldn't protect the PDF itself with a password. People lose passwords, the protection you get from them are slim and it's a pain to look up and enter the password each time you want to open the ebook.
        Tom, I was using PDF995 up until today when I downloaded Allen's WarriorPDF. From the postings I've read, when you select 'ebook format' the links work, but will be sure to confirm it.

        Thanks again,
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    No doubt pdf is the best option as this one is available all around the globe and that also free of cost.

    I am also looking for Norma reply which she have mentioned that will be really worty to learn
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      Hi Kerry,

      Password protecting your ebook will only prevent drive by downloaders from accessing the content. There is nothing to stop some one who buys the book passing it on to someone else and giving them the password to access the book.

      Also copy protection on your content is a must, a good e book software program like e-writer pro does this and more including the password protection a mention before. You want to stop people from being able to copy and paste your work and claim it as their own.

      Acrobat format is the best format to use as it can be used on multiply platform such as macs and P.C giving you a broader audience.

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    I'd say PDF too. For the same reason, mainly as they can be read on both MACS and PCS. No passwords, as these are uber annoying especially when you spend 10 minutes or more searching through multiple email accounts to find the blinking thing!

    There has always been a stigma attached to .exe files, which is another way of producing ebooks. Although the majority of them are probably fine, some unscrupulous people will attach viruses and such like to this type of file, whereas with a PDF is a safe and simple way to receive an ebook.

    So yep PDF every time.

    Kevin, love the tip about the Zip file, I have to admit that solution had not even occurred to me. But it's been added and noted for my future ebook endeavors!

    Helen Doherty: What Would Happen If We All Let Rip(ple)?

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    Listen to the Hamster King guys...

    For the love of Pete and his grandmother don't add password protection to your ebooks. The people who want to steal them will steal them...I mean how hard is it to add a text in a torrent file that says "The password is..."

    You are just making things that much more annoying for the people who legitimately buy your product.

    Doubt that this matters? Check this story out... Did 'Spore' copy protections backfire on EA? | Gaming and Culture - CNET News
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