Amazon Prime Day Thursday July 12th!

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Lookie here!

Amazon confirms Prime Day will return on July 12

This will give you a superb incentive to promote Amazon in your blog or site....

will give you direct links for folks to try out Prime for free for 30 days.

Will you take advantage of it?
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    I plan to but I will be selling. I missed out last year thinking it would be no big deal. Ready

    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference

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    Thanks - I had just looked this morning and they had still not announced the exact date. I missed it altogether last year because of getting side-tracked. The insiders claim it is going to be much better than last year and supposedly better than Cyber Monday for consumers.
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    I'll be mentioning it as well, but I bet a million other people will be too.
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    Here in this article, publisher has nicely describe about the following facts about Amazon prime day what sellers should expect and market the products:
    Orderhive is a multichannel
    Inventory Management Software
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