Ugly Blogger Blogs? make it shine!

by rapidscc 2 replies

Do you feel that the default templates in blogger is unattractive?

It has always been my problem since I started using blogger a year ago.
Recently, I found a way to make it beautiful by using free templates.

here's my redefined blog :

To do the same you could either click on the Designed by part of my blog
or go to :

by the way im not connected with them in anyway. Just posted so you would now.

If you have problems applying their template PM me or email me :

I'll be glad to help.
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    Mate be careful because in your template there is no bar which blogspot took as mandatory. There is some flag button also. So if you wont use that one than blogspot can banned your blogs also.

    So please choose those template which have such bar otherwise you would be in a trouble.

    Best of luck,
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  • Maxine:

    I'm really lost with your post. Can you explain more.


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