4 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

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Traffic is the lifeblood of any blog. If you have no traffic, your blog is about as useful as cutlery is to a tiger. On the other hand, if you have oodles of traffic, then you can make a decent profit from your blog. So, here are four ways in which you can increase traffic to your blog, so that your blog becomes more like a juicy steak to that tiger.

Understand Your Audience

No matter what industry you are in or what your business is, understanding your audience is vital to your success. If you don't know anything about your target market, you are going to put in a lot more effort and time in generating the traffic you need.

By understanding your audience, you gain the insight necessary to craft marketing messages that will have an impact, create content your audience wants to read, and build an empathic relationship with them that will eventually convert them into loyal fans. And loyal fans spend money. Lots of it.

Luckily, learning what makes your audience tick is a lot easier today. Once upon a blue moon, you had to hire a market research firm and pay tens of thousands of dollars to learn about your target market. Now, if you're determined enough, you can do it all yourself from your computer.

All you have to do is go to where your audience hangs out. Stalk them on social media, get involved in forums and read the comments on blogs in the same field as yours. If you already have some traffic, you can conduct a survey or even interview a few of your more regular readers.

The more information you can gather about your audience, the better. You'll be better able to address their problems and frustrations, focus more on the things they find useful and are interested in, use language that connects with them, and provide them with the content they really want.

Once you are able to give your target market what they really want, your traffic will increase exponentially.

Write Magnetic Headlines

You now know what your audience wants and are creating content that meets those desires and needs. But how do you let them know that? You have to get them onto the page and reading the content you created, which is where headlines come in.

A good headline will hook readers and draw them in to your posts. If your headline sucks, it really doesn't matter how great your content is because no one is ever going to read it. Sadly, your headline can pretty much make or break your blogging career.

But if you can learn to create magnetic headlines that readers can't help but click on because they want to read more, then you've got it made. Of course, the caveat is that your content has to deliver on what your headline promises. In other words, don't promise naked pictures of Angelina Jolie in your headline and then start talking about how to train your pet parrot to talk like Angelina Jolie.

Once you know how to write great headlines, you'll find them useful in everything you do because an awesome headline will not only draw readers in, but it will improve email open rates, signups and conversion rates.

Good Formatting Will Make a World of Difference

You've created some awesome content because you've taken the time to get to know your audience well. Your headlines are totally awesome and people click on them like there's no tomorrow. But they never seem to hang around for more than a few seconds. What's going on? Could you be so far off the mark with your content? Or is it something else?

Take another look at your blog. If your post spans the screen from one side to the other and is a wall of text, you shouldn't be surprised that your bounce rates are through the roof. No one wants to struggle to read a post and they won't bother if they're faced with Tolstoy's War and Peace as soon as they land on your site. There are always so many other posts they could be reading that won't put a strain on their eyeballs or their brains.
So, if you want to keep readers on your site, then you need to format your posts properly. If you just throw your posts up as they are without paying attention to what they look like, you might as well pack up and go home.

First off, remember that most people tend to scan a post. The internet has reduced our attention spans to that of a gnat on speed, which means you need to make sure that all your salient points stand out. Use subheads, bold important points so they stand out and just generally make it easy for people to get the gist of your post without actually having to read the whole thing.

Also, other forms of media, such as images and videos, will help break your content up and make it more visually attractive.

And keep paragraphs short. No longer than a few sentences. White space makes it easier for people to read online and is certainly more attractive and less overwhelming than a wall of continuous text. Again, remember, no Tolstoy, okay?

Data-Driven Posts Increase Engagement

Now that you've gotten people to read your content, you need to keep them coming back for more. This means creating engaging content that will draw your readers back for more. Creating data-driven posts is one way to achieve this.

In this case, data represents any facts that are the result of experiments, tests, or surveys and are used as the foundation to form conclusions. For example, you conduct a survey of your readers and the result is that 55% of your readers hate the color scheme of your site. The latter is a fact; it's data because you can now conclude that more than half the people visiting your site don't like your color scheme and it's a good bet you probably should change it.

Data is important in blog posts because people find such posts to be more credible, more authoritative and definitely more valuable. Why? It's simple. By supporting your claims and views with cold, hard data generated either from experiments you ran yourself or offered by experts in your field, you provide proof that your assumptions are valid.

It's the difference between saying:

Mixing chemical x and chemical y will lead to an explosion. and
In 9 out of the 10 experiments we conducted, mixing chemical x and chemical y led to an explosion.

No one is going to necessarily disbelieve the first statement, but the second one is certainly more interesting and more trustworthy because it provides proof through experimentation.

Your blog will certainly benefit from including at least a few data-driven posts every now and then. However, remember that if you are using someone else's studies or experiments as your data source, you need to cite and reference their work. This is not just because it's proper etiquette, but also because you want your readers to trust you and not think you just pulled some figures out of thin air to support your claims.

If you want to increase traffic to your blog, getting to know your audience, writing magnetic headlines, taking the time to format your posts and creating data-driven content will help immeasurably. However, increasing traffic can take time so don't expect miracles overnight, but if you stick with it, you'll be happy with the results.
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    Hi Bella Zee,

    Good photos, a good summary of the content and what seems to be a basic tutorial on writing content.

    Other missing considerations are:

    1. Before starting to write, keyword research on the topic would inform you about popular search terms and phrases. Appropriate use of such terms and phrases in your content should help with SEO (search engine optimisation) ranking for the blog post.

    2. Use of short sentenses, bullet points and numbering helps with ease of reading and viewers engagement with content. This relates to formatting your content and though you mentioned 'keep paragraphs short', you missed the other points stated here.

    You actually used your photos well, which made your post attractive and a good practical example of your point on 'other media'.

    Turn $50 into $500!
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    I took a blog from 0 to 1,000 visitors to it a day by:

    1. Releasing content regularly
    2. Submitting the content to submission/news aggregator websites
    3. Commenting on related blogs and linking back to my website
    4. Guest posting

    Good tips! It should help out a lot of people.
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    Great Read

    In general great content = More Visitors

    The more the visitor likes your content the more they will share your content which encourages more views and will also tend to search higher in Google which guess what also means more TRAFFIC!!
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    Really it is huge stuff, I am sure all these techniques will really help to increase the traffic to your business. I can say that if one should follow the above techniques then definitely he/she will generate a great traffic to blogs.

    W3Era - SEO Services Agency you Rely on

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    Great thread and you put in time. Good job!

    You know for me I found for what I like is just being steady with my work. I learned that you have to stay committed to a blog for the long run and post new, fresh content plus backlinking to stay in the float of things...
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    1. Really long tail h1 blog titles
    2. Do a YT video audio version of the blog post. And post the vid inside the wordpress blogpost. Optimize the video with the same title and put the link to your blog post in YT vid description.
    3. Backlink and autopost the YT video on social media sites. Fiverr easy way to do this.
    4. Repeat this for lots of posts. You'll get traffic to your blog.
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    this basic is tge first thing to consider! and I strongly agree with having a catchy headline is they key everything, good job for posting this one
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    Yeah mate really this is a valuable tutorial for increase blog traffic.
    This methods helps every blog for increasing traffic from 0 to 1000+ visitors per day online for any niche.
    This detailed ways of tips is must for newbies who starts blogging.
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    **On Page activities includes:

    1. Must-have unique content
    2. Updated Meta Title and Meta Tags
    3. Image alt tags etc.
    4) Make URL's short & Sweet
    5) Use images, videos, Diagrams to decrease bounce rate
    6) boost site speed
    7) Post content should be around 1,900 + words

    **Off page activities include:

    1. Social bookmarking
    2. Blog Submission and commenting - Disqus
    3. Link Building (backlinks & relevant outgoing links)
    4. Forum Commenting
    5. Classifieds
    6. Local Listing
    7. Drive traffic on site from social media to create a Facebook Fan page including Twitter, Linked In and Google.
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      Originally Posted by samuelbreezey View Post

      **On Page activities includes:

      1. Must-have unique content
      2. Updated Meta Title and Meta Tags
      3. Image alt tags etc.
      4) Make URL's short & Sweet
      5) Use images, videos, Diagrams to decrease bounce rate
      6) boost site speed
      7) Post content should be around 1,900 + words

      **Off page activities include:

      1. Social bookmarking
      2. Blog Submission and commenting - Disqus
      3. Link Building (backlinks & relevant outgoing links)
      4. Forum Commenting
      5. Classifieds
      6. Local Listing
      7. Drive traffic on site from social media to create a Facebook Fan page including Twitter, Linked In and Google.
      This one is very helpful.
      I just know that it's supposed to be more than 1900 words while I myself usually keep it at 500
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    more tips on this subject...

    want those click sexy headlines? head on over to BuzzSumo: Find the Most Shared Content and Key Influencers (super free) type in your keyword content topic and find out the headlines that get shared a lot.

    Use them as your template. the formula "these days" for click sexy headlines:

    number or trigger word / adjective / keyword / promise.

    4 Awesome Weed Whacking Tips Your Garden Needs!
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    keep it between 6 to 10 words and watch the traffic flood in! wait wait wait....

    NOT YET.

    to take this to the next level. Head on over to Viral Content Buzz | Social Media Sharing Made Easy (super free)

    start sharing other people's content on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon.

    Get up to 100 points (take about 11mins), then add your EPIC content with your amazing new headline.

    NOW! watch the traffic flood in.....

    I use this all the time, it works like a charm on steroids

    if you have any questions let me know
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  • I agree on the importance of market research. There are a lot of times that the content is great but it does not address the needs and wants of the market. This is probably one of the common mistakes of marketers- they do not know well their market and most of the time, this will lead to wrong content/data, which in return do not convert well to sales.
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    Its best among several blogs user friendly language good pics where easily we able to understand what exactly author need to convey
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    Great read.

    I have had a lot of luck recently with Pinterest and Twitter! With great content and images, I find I get great click through rates

    Thanks for this!

    So you want to gain real followers on Twitter and get more traffic to your blog? My affordable course will help! http://bit.ly/29dNQzp

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    Thanks for the welcome and the additional tips. The more the merrier. The one thing I’d warn a newbie about, though, is trying to implement everything at the same time. It’s best to pick one or two approaches until you get the hang of it and are certain you’re getting the results, then add more techniques.

    For example, Jeff Burritt’s tip with YouTube is awesome, as is SamuelBreezey’s advice for off-page SEO, but if you try to do everything at once, you are going to end up doing nothing simply because you’ll be overwhelmed. So, one step at a time. Remember, it does pay to be the tortoise.

    Techwizard, thank you for the welcome. Glad you enjoyed the read

    ACandi, I agree with everything, except that you might want to alternate short sentences with longer ones. Too many short sentences and you’re writing will either create a lot of tension or sound robotic. You have to get the rhythm right or people are going to feel uncomfortable reading your work and they’ll have no clue as to why.

    Edwin Torres, guest posting on relevant blogs is definitely a great approach. Getting that guest post up, though, is an entirely different story

    SamuelBreezey, glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the additional tips. And yes, great content does mean more visitors. Ideally, you want to get your blog to the point where you don’t need Google because you’ve built up a following of loyal fans who recommend you to others. That way, if Google has a brain fart, your business will be largely unaffected.

    One area I would somewhat disagree with you is on length. While it’s great to have some long pieces that are 1,900 words and over, sometimes you need shorter content too. Not everyone has the time or patience to read something that long. And since most people now have the attention spans of gnats hopped up on happy juice, they tend to run away from content that is overly long. That’s why I think a mix of long and short content works better.

    EPoltrack77, thank you! And yes, even if someone handed you the perfect recipe to build an online business that works every time, without commitment, you have nothing. If you keep at it, eventually you will break through that glass ceiling so many hopefuls encounter.

    Jeff Burritt, thanks for the awesome ideas

    Gabrielrala, thanks and yes, headlines are very important. A bad headline will stop people from even reaching your blog, whereas a good one can draw them in. But then you have to keep them, which means the content has to be as great as the headline.

    Aizaku, thank you very much for posting and adding those great tips

    Affilorama-Portal, I will always, always say that the first and most important ingredient to creating great content is market research. You could be Tolstoi, Mark Twain and Tolkien all wrapped up into one and you’d still fail if you didn’t know who your audience is and what they want. Okay, I take that back about Tolkien. The man’s writing is so stuffy and contains so much description, it has put me to sleep on occasion. Someone really needed to educate him on the less-is-more principle LOL.

    And thanks to everyone else who read my post and commented. And to those who read it and didn’t
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    Very good advice. Of course doing all this as properly takes lots of time. This is very challenging when you are starting with OM and have an other full day job beside. So you are always in temptation to very quickly create unrelevant content for your blogs just to get some early sales. Finding good license free photos can be very expensive. The outsorcing of creating your blog-content can be tricky too, if your ghost writer pretends to have knowledge about the subject but in fact does not have an idea of it. I don't have any solution to that at the moment and just try to take the time to build my online-business.
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    One of the best ways to increase blog traffic, is to simply post interesting content on a regular basis.

    But, to take it one step further create list type posts.


    The Top 3 Foods That Will Force Your Body to Lose a Pound a Day

    Combine this with images that grab your attention--and you will get some good traffic
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