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Can someone please give me a blueprint for generating FREE traffic. I'm willing to put in 2 hours daily and promote an affiliate product. Please i would be very grateful if you could give me 1-2-3 plan for it. The most likely to genrate a sale in the 1st place coz it'll keep me motivated to complete the process.
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    1. Edit your sig file here (check the in the menu User CP)
    (if you can see our post, under it we can display links to our site)

    2. indicate there the link to your site.

    3. Beneath every post, there are bookmark icons.
    use it to bookmark this thread.

    If you haven't signed up yet to bookmarking services, you will have to.

    Also if you have the time bookmark your own site.

    That's the simplest I can come up with and it works.




    There really is no shortcut when you are starting. You'll have to work hard to generate traffic. The techniques here will be a great tool, still you must DO IT. Search other thread on SEO
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    First step starts from the contain of your website and the ending step is also quality contain.

    In simple speaking traffic wont come in over night. Just build the links and leave you URL where ever you go (place should have some value).

    Start Bookmarking like Diggs and others.

    These are the basic concepts for a new bie. Just start with this.
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    Have you searched around the forum or even signed up for the war room

    there is much listed in this forum to help you need to pick a path and work on it

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      For a brand new IMers...

      1) Find 3 good selling affiliate products in clickbank around a niche....

      2) Buy them, read them, use them....

      3) Go to create a blog centered around your niche...
      • create a good personal review on each product
      • create an RSS feed by getting GetResponse or Aweber and start making your list for your niche.
      • add to the blog each day
      4) Go to youtube, craigslist, myspace, squidoo, wordpress etc. (all free sites) and create small reviews about your affiliate products and then point them to your blogger blog!

      5) still add to your blogger everyday

      6) go to and start writing pointing your sites to your blogger

      7) still add to your blogger everyday

      8) KEEP READING THE WARRIOR FORUM... ITS FULL OF SOLID INFORMATION. I can talk about how to network forever... you will learn as you go. Stay consistent and focused. All you need is 2 hours a day. Set a schedule and goals for each day and do them!
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    I believe what Maxine was trying to say was that Content is key. The more content you create the faster you will get traffic to your website. It can take time to build up so never give up. Work at creating content and posting it all over the internet with a link to your website in each piece of content
    you create.

    Types of content: videos, mp3s, articles, blog posts as a great start.

    After re-reading your post I cannot tell if you have a website or if you are going to be driving all the Free traffic that you're hoping to get to the affiliate product owner's website? You can do that but it's certainly not the best way to build your business.

    Hope this helps.
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    buy expired domains with traffic relevant to your niche..go to for more on this.

    There's nothing really "free" btw. You will have to shell out at least the domain and hosting costs.
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      or get some expired domain from old domains database, You can have them for around 10$ at any registrar service or for little bit more with hosting.
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