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I recently became an affiliate for a new gaming app coming out in September. Right now we are focused on getting affiliates to join our team and get paid to share the app with others but we will also be wanting to sign up people who just want to play for free. It's a sports app focusing on the NFL right now but will grow to include NBA, NCAA, soccer, golf etc. So my target market would be people interested in making money and also sports and gaming fans.

Right now I don't have a website to direct traffic to but I have a link to a video that explains everything. I have been thinking of setting up a landing page to capture email addresses and send emails to but just don't know how to get traffic to that site if I did set it up.

I want to try to promote it on Facebook but don't want to come off as jamming it down my friends throats - although I think a lot of them would be interested in it.

So....What would be the best way to marketing this opportunity/app?

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    Well firstly as far as Facebook is concerned, you don't need to involve your personal contacts via your personal Facebook account, simply build a business page these are available and work completely independently to your main FB account - they are sometimes called 'Fan Pages' but basically they are like web pages that you can build any kind of content on - you use this page to then mount an advertising campaign from, this campaign is not visible to your friends and you can target your audience using the many filters on the advertising platform Facebook provides.
    This could be your 'website' which you can funnel traffic to, from Instagram also. Look into creating one of these pages, it sounds like it would be ideal for what you want.

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    Facebook ads could be a route you can try. That way you won't be annoying to your Facebook peeps but still get traffic onto your website.
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    Hi Lori W,

    However you look at it, you're about to embark on a business venture. Here are some questions that need to be answered:

    1. What is the minimum amount of start up capital you need to invest to get your online business running? How much do you have to pay to become a 'premium' affiliate? Mr Fume suggested a FB page as a website so that should take care of hosting costs, You also need to consider an email marketing service. That will provide templates for landing pages, optin forms, autoresponders, analytics, tracking etc. for your marketing / promotion efforts.

    2. What is the estimated cost of breaking into the market for your niche (sports, gaming, ...) for you to earn a stable income? That is, how much money and time do you have to invest in getting a list of subscribers who will provide you with a stable income that gives you a PROFIT. If you don't have the money for ads, you will have to invest TIME doing non-pay promotion to build your list of subscribers.

    3. What is the minimum amount of money you need to invest per month to maintain your online business? So after you set up landing pages and follow-up emails, you start promoting using paid and non-pay methods. How long can you keep on doing this if you do NOT generate any income?

    4. Do you have the money to cover items 1 and 2 above?

    5. Can you afford to carry your online business for 3, 6, 9 months or a year?

    Think about it!

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    Thanks everyone - good things to look into. I had been thinking about building a Facebook fan page but don't know a lot about it so I will research that for sure! Will also look into Facebook ads.
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    Hate to burst your bubble, but all the big listbuilders already know about that one. I would skip it, and just focus on learning the skills of listbuilding yourself, and build a decent size list first. Then promote the next one. There will always be lots of other ones. Having a big list to promote to is what's really important.
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    The thing you need to understand with a landing page collecting an email is two things. first your leveraging your marketing efforts and I say that because it takes people by industry averages to see your offer 5 to 12 times so by having a means of staying in contact can be very good. Myself included but speak to anyone and they will tell you that a lof of sales if not the majority will come from a well optimized email series.
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