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My husband was laid off in January, so we decided it was time to make a go of Internet Marketing. We've designed a couple of very nice websites. We've tried article marketing, placing ads, posting in forums, etc, and we just can't get any traffic to our sites. We are on a very limited budget, so we can't do much in the way of paid advertising, but we were assured that free advertising was just as effective. What are we doing wrong? I would appreciate any help or advice. Thanks!:confused:
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    You need targeted visitors to your website not traffic because you can get traffic instantly with plenty of traffic exchange programs out there.
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    First off... Free advertising methods do work. This has been proven over and over again.

    How many articles have your written?

    Did you do keyword research and target your articles for these keywords? - I'm not talking about just competition analysis, but did you research the competitiveness of the competitions SEO stats (backlinks, on-site SEO, etc.).

    Have you tracked the traffic you have gotten and expanded on what has already worked?

    I'm sorry to be abrupt and straight forward, but there is only one person that can get traffic to your site... and that's you. There is no "step-by-step" blueprint like your asking for that is instantly going to drive a significant amount of traffic to your site.

    Test, test, test, and expand.

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    I dont know how helpful this will be as I am very new myself but here goes...

    How much traffic are you trying to build? I have my first site up, an antivirus site, and I am getting about 60 unique visitors per day and I never spent a dime on advertising. I wrote 10 artiles for Ezine and I made a point to respond to 3 questions per day on yahoo answers for a month.

    I started the site in June and did all my posting/answering. In July I started using Angela's backlink packets for $5 per month. I was ranked on page 29 in Google. I did nothing in July and August, (surgery and summer vacation) other than Angela's packet at the start of each month. I am now on page 9 in Google, last time I looked, and I made page one in Bing for my keyword. I am starting to see more traffic from the search engines now, the first three months just about all my traffic was generated from Yahoo Answers and the ten articles on Ezine.

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    If you have a few minutes, I would appreciate an opinion on my first real squidoo attempt at my Best Keyboard page.

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    Check out my WSO on using Business Cards in unique ways to create targeted sales - It really works - yes, it is an offline technique, but the fact is people have a tradition about holding onto a business card, especially at conferences and other gatherings (And especially today in this economy) - you can get some pretty quick sales if you know both how to position those cards and what to write on them.

    The bottom line is getting people to your site - you really don't care how they got there, only that they do, and you should be seeking what I call "Multiple Streams of Traffic" and that includes offline.

    Are you an affiliate marketer? My site has tons of free stuff and 14,000 pages of Clickbank research. www.affiliatesledgehammer.com
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    I am starting to see traffic from social bookmarking 101. You can look it up here in the WF. It doesn't have a huge conversion, but I get 2-3 leads per week from it. Article marketing drives a lot of traffic if you utilize the resource box the right way.
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    Are your articles being read?
    Article and SEO traffic come slowly, but are very green (in other words last a long time). Keep writing articles, as your name is recognized it will draw more visitors as well.
    But do search WF for other ideas to generate targeted traffic to your site.
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  • Stop thinking about you and your nice sites and start thinking from a visitors perspective. It's not about you.

    If people are not clicking through to your site, you have to ask yourself why are they not clicking through? What is it about our methods, articles, niche, that make people just go away?

    If you can't match a customer problem to your unique solution someone else will. And that is all that is happening.

    Back up and readdress your marketing research. Are you using the right keyword phrases, are you writing compelling interesting articles? Are you Titles the kind of Titles that reach out and command a users attention? Does the body copy of your text lead your visitor where you want them to go? What are you stats telling you?

    The people in this business who make money figure these things out. And no one can do that for you.

    So what you are doing "wrong" as you say, is you are not viewing your offer from the prospective of potential customers.

    Everybody "needs" traffic.
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    Have you tried blogging for free traffic???


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    There are so many sources of free traffic out there. It's a complete misconception that you need to pay for traffic. Think about all the social networking sites out there. Make sure you are posting each article to the sites listed on Social bookmarking services poster and community websites submitter: digg.com reddit.com netscape.com propeller.com Del.icio.us Stumbleupon.com etc.

    Create an automated news aggregation website with PHP RSS Reader, click here.

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    I think the best way is drive targetted traffic to your website is a variety of methods. First create an article and submit to 150 article directories. Then take that same article and create a video and submit this to 100 video sharing websites. Then take that same article and put this on your blog and submit to rss directories.

    No if the bottom line with Free Traffic it take Time. Now if you want to leverage your Time and Money. You can do it the easy way. I am creating a Article Rewriting Service and Submission Service. If you want to learn more. Leave me a comment in my blog post and I will reply accordingly.

    Official Internet Marketing Expert Blog
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    Free traffic better then paid traffic.

    Market, Market, Market

    Then Track

    Do more of what works and let go of what does not.

    If you are looking for a way, check my sig.
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      I agree with Adam, free traffic does work. Article marketing is a great example,but I'd suggest you track your results and tweak your articles now and then. Also, republish your articles on your squidoo lens, hubpages etc

      My Girlfriends Blog: http://idlethoughtslazymusings.wordpress.com
      Trying To Convince Her To Market It, For More Eyeballs..

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    Don't forget to use OFFLINE marketing to drive traffic to your website. Be creative here - for example let's say you just wrote an ebook on Weight Loss ... then you can print out flyers quite affordably with your marketing message and website address on them and then leave them at places such as Fitness Centers, Doctors Offices, Health Food Stores,
    I have nothing to sell you :)
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    Maybe you're expecting too much too fast. Despite what many IMers would have you believe, it doesn't happen overnight, not for beginners anyway.

    By the end of my first year in IM I was getting only a few dozen visitors a day. After another six months I was getting 100s. Now I'm just about to increase to 4 digits.

    Of course, if I had to do it again I'm sure I could reach the same results 10 times faster. But it takes a while to incorporate all the little things you learn. It also takes a while for the search engines to index your pages and backlinks and start building a "profile" of your site.

    You mentioned "sites". How many? If you're dabbling in to many things you're diluting your efforts. I would recommend starting with two sites max. Every additional site multiplies the amount of work you have to do to be effective.

    All I can say is to keep doing what you're doing. It's the same things most of us are doing and it does work. I don't spend a penny on advertising.

    You should probably also ask specific questions about your methods here in the main or SEO forum to see if what you're doing is effective. You'll get a lot of valuable feedback. Even though you have a limited budget, an analysis and consultation with one of the SEO experts we have here would be money well spent.
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    Well, My advice is try to get organic traffic via google. That is the best traffic sources. To do that, you do NOT want to spend money but you have to spend your time and energy. Optimize your site for 3-5 keywords, then get backlinks for those keywords from other sources. There are many ways to get backlinks, you can check SEO category of this WF to get more ideas on it. Daily get 30-40 backlinks for 30-45 days. Then you will be the King/Queen for keyword search on Google and will receive huge traffic... Best of luck
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