Free Dinner in Montreal for Experienced IM

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Working long days in internet marketing's great, but usually people don't quite understand what I do for a living! (I do affiliate marketing, have my own product and I'm also setting up a membership site.)

In an effort to have fun, learn a bit and just have a good chat, I'd like to invite a successful internet marketer in Montreal out of dinner (Baton Rouge, Keg, Moishes). It's on me! We'll have fun, chat about what we do for a living, etc.

Ideally, I'd like to meet people that are more successful than me. Even though I don't like to define success in a purely monetary way, it would be nice if you'd be making 6k+ per month from IM.

I'm a 28 man, modest, social yet well dressed and would love to hear what you have to say about internet marketing. I think it would be a blast to meet others in Montreal that are successful (and I'd even drive to Toronto if you're interesting enough)
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