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Bobby G Adventure Capitalist is a reality TV show about a business man and how he does his thing. The show is very realistic. I know real billionaires and they act a lot like Bobby G, in fact, I have gone by his building in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This man is the real deal.

Most people think that billionaires are like Gordon GEEKo from Wall Street. Well, a know a lot of Wall Street warriors and they are real people, not monsters that eat babies for breakfast. Capitalism is about making things happen.

The Bobby G show talks about branding, bringing a product to market, dealing with the drama of conflicting personalities. I know from bringing product to market that it is very hard work. This show will help rev up your engine. Its free on Veoh.

Bobby G: Adventure Capitalist Episodes | Veoh Video Network
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    Entertaining tv show. I just watched the episode where he purchased a Lear Jet (only because I'm thinking of buying a new Jet.. lol)

    But it's not like he teaches you anything on the show. From what I seen any way.

    Nick Marks is an author, speaker and was announced as the Internet Marketer Of The Year 2007 by Russell Brunson & DotComSecrets.

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    This guy is great. Bobby G is a smooth cat.

    From now on I am Donny D.

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