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Has anyone used Outbrain as a means to getting traffic? In essence you submit a link to an article pay a PPC price and they publish on their portfolio of websites under a heading like "Best of the Net" or something like that

I used it a few times and found it quite decent but then tried it in relation to a new blog I'd set up offering basic advice to people starting up in online businesses. The website is www.bizznzz.com.

According to Outbrain:

" Unfortunately upon further review of your recently uploaded campaign, the content team has ruled your content violating content guidelines.

Your account has been disabled from running on our network due to editorial guideline infractions.

As stated in our Content Guidelines ( Outbrain Content Guidelines | Outbrain), Outbrain reserves the right to block any content from the network that encourages deceptive practices. Outbrain Content Guidelines | Outbrain

At this time your account has been flagged as our system detected an issue with your content. Our content team has the last word in what is approved in our network and we're unable to reverse these rejections.

This being said, we are no longer able to run your content on our network, and no further content submissions will be reviewed."

They havent replied to my emails and I have no idea what they are talking about. Can anyone see anything wrong with my website? I should add that they had previously offered me a $100 credit to go back to Outbrain and I submitted my links to them 48 hours before the credit expired.

Any help or suggestions would be very welcome.


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    Never tried them as a advertiser. But have heard some good reviews about them. They are native ad networks and it will bring you some good amount of traffic and also you can target it on the basis of Geo graphical locations.

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    Thanks. Yes I know that. I was trying to establish if anybody could possibly work out why they could possibly reject my website. Any thoughts?
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