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I'm launching my own product (free training series, followed by a membership offer). My funnel is ready, now I need traffic.

My goal is to get 150 members in my first month. I'm not sure what my conversion rate is yet, but assuming it is between 3-5% (I know thats a big assumption) then I'll need to get between 100-160 visitors per day.

Because I'm new, I want to focus on just one traffic method. Any suggestions?
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    Try bing ads , they have quality and cheap traffic, but you want to know what keywords converts best for your site. For that learn how to use Prosper202, its easy and simple platform. Good luck :-)
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    Hi, my recommendation: Go for fb ads. It's easy to use and highly effective . However, NEVER EVER pitch your priced product immediately. Make yourself familiar with your audience by creating an ad that offers something free (a free ebook, webinar or a long blog posts that is related to your niche). Run this ad for few days, and then shift to your product ad (targeting and retargetting the same audience).
    Hope that helps.

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    Absolutely not!

    Go for fb ads.
    Not for newbies.

    Try bing ads
    The best suggestion yet. It would be better if we knew the market you are in.

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    I would concur with Bing ads. Very reasonably priced to test and not lose an arm or leg.

    Ignore that 7search suggestion

    Also some Forum Marketing in some trading related Sites. Build your Name and Brand there

    - Robert Andrew
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    There are a few more details needed in order to give you the best suggestions:

    - Are you looking for free or paid traffic method?
    - Is the funnel in the IM niche or other niches?
    - What sub-niche are you targeting (CPA offers, stress relief, teeth whitening...)
    - How much time do you want to invest into working on the traffic method.

    The suggestions you will get will vary depending on your answers to the question above.
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    I would start to build and implement free traffic methods such as:

    FaceBook Fanpage
    Blog etc...

    Also use paid traffic, but free in the long run do work wonders.
    Paying for traffic works but just make a budget for it.

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