How to create great looking ebook?

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How to create great looking ebook? I have seen some ebooks that are really using awesome templates, So, how can I achieve this?
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    Originally Posted by gillw254 View Post

    How to create great looking ebook? I have seen some ebooks that are really using awesome templates, So, how can I achieve this?
    The Best eBook Software of 2016 | Top Ten Reviews

    I use #4.
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    Having it look great is good yes but I feel the first step is to have your content grab your reader's attention before the looks. What demand does your ebook solve? The second step of my optimization would be then to work on my graphics. Be careful though cause I changed just an image on a landing page of mine and it spun the whole campaign around from nothing to a decent opt in rate.

    You never know but yes there is always research that needs to be done.
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    Best is to hire a designer for like $5 off of fiverr.
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    You can easily use OpenOffice or Word as your word processor. There are tons of both free and paid templates that will make your product look professional. Find something you like and that treats the reader well (easy on the eyes, good navigation, classy typography, etc).

    You can also create your own templates by simply finding a great looking eBook and implementing the settings into your word processor and saving the result as a template. I'm not suggesting you copy the ebook, just use the same format settings.

    No need to spend a bunch of money creating your ebook. In both OpenOffice and Word you can save your document in PDF format.

    Good luck,

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    You can use your basic creativity. Know exactly what your ebook is for and find appropriate stock photo or public domain images then do some tweaks like using eye-catching fonts, adding shadows, figures, borders, etc. Just do some combinations and you will soon find the output to be just like those made by pros or maybe even better. Believe me I've produced awesome ebook covers by just using the windows basic accessory - MSPaint!
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    you can use Photoshop if you know how to use it... or you can simply hire someone on Fiverr to do it for you, there are also some websites that offer this service at a great price of less than 20 Dollars for a pro eCover.

    I'm NOT sure if there are any quality Free eCover making services out there.
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    Use Google Slides. Its free. Its like PowerPoint. James Scherer of Wishpond has a free pdf on the topic of creating an ebook. The Ebook Design Kit for Marketers who Can't Design for S__t
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    I know of a free training that would help if you are still looking for a way to create great looking ebooks. I am not sure if I can post the link in the thread though
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    There are some great Services here in the Warrior forum.I also agree with a previous comment that your content is much more valuable, and will likely be held in high regard by the reader then the actual design. I think this is the case because there have been many instances of very ugly sales copies of books and sales Pages, however their conversion rates were very high.
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    for ebook cover graphics i like to use this little free generator

    Free Online 3D Book Cover Maker

    i hope this helps!
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    I get an overseas designer to create the cover for me for cheap, it makes an eBook really polished and my client's love it. You can find heaps of people that specialise in this online.
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    Yes I agree with Matt Repa
    If you go to fiverr you can literally have someone create you an awesome ebook cover and if you don't like it they will revise it as many times as you need till you get your vision on cover. Its a great and fast way to get the job done cheap and easy.
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    I just use Word. If you don't have the funds to buy Word then Open Office is a great alternative.
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    There are a lot of ways to create great looking ebook. In my opinion, you have to analyse every tip about ebook creations. Design is very important so hire any designer or ask your friends who know designing. Put your own ideas, creative everything in the ebook.
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    I have used many different ebook programs in the past. I remember the first ebook I created was called 'The Complete Internet Marketing Portfolio', which was a collection of different articles into an ebook. I created it in 1997. That was created with a program called NeoBook. The latest NeoBook software is more like a application creation tool, it can handle databases and access the Internet. If you are looking for more of a WYSIWYG application creation tool its definitely worth checking out:

    NeoBook Rapid Application Builder - Overview


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  • For the formatting, you can use Microsoft Word. It has a lot of great templates in there. And there are plenty of free images you can use to add to the formatting.

    But for the ebook cover design, I suggest you invest in a good one. There are a lot of great designers on Fiverr
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    If you use Fiverr be sure and provide them with the images you want to use so you know they're legal for commercial use.

    Formatting can be done with Microsoft word. You can find free templates online.

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    Originally Posted by gillw254 View Post

    How to create great looking ebook? I have seen some ebooks that are really using awesome templates, So, how can I achieve this?
    Have someone do it for you. Go to Fiverr or buy an expensive software to do it for you. I recommend Fiverr for this though. There are great designers on there.

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    Trend lately is to develop an ebook (especially if it is a training-type ebook) in MS Powerpoint and then save the final version as PDF.

    Not only does this offer you some interesting design capabilities, but it allows you start with a set of base slides that you can use in seminars, coaching programs, keynotes, etc...

    We used to always convert our ebooks into a corresponding slide deck to use in talks, but the next ebook will be done entirely in powerpoint for the reasons listed above.
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      That's why I suggested Google Slides. It is like PowerPoint, but free. You only need to sell your soul to Google, I mean sign up for an account.
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