Wanted: $37 ideas!! Let's Get Everybody in the War Room

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OK - I was one of the fortunate winners of the War Room membership. I am very excited to have a look inside and I am certainly going to in very short order, but I wanted to start this thread first.

A lot of deserving people didn't quite make it due to the numbers. This may or may not inspire some people to offer more sponsorships. Knowing this forum, it probably will. But the inescapable truth is this. ANYONE who is cut out to be a marketer in the first place IS capable of using the FREE info on this forum to find $37 extra in the next seven days and get into the War Room and Full Membership!

So my suggestion is, that as an alternative to being money sponsors, we create shortcuts for them and pool some simple ideas for earning that relatively paltry sum that is currently separating them from where they should be. I'm sure the collective genius of this forum can achieve that, and as a result NOBODY who is willing to apply themselves will be left out.

For many, one of your ideas could lead to them making their first ever online cash. This could do wonders for the inner mindset. The difference between making NOTHING and making a dollar, can actually be greater than the difference between making a dollar and making 5 grand, in terms of confidence. The reason is multiplication. You can multiply zero as much as you like and it will still be zero. But if you can make a little, you might just start believing you can make a lot.

Bear in mind that WSO's are now out for free members. And anyway that would cost $20 - I'm talking about earning $37 with little or no expenditure.

Here is my simple and admittedly pretty obvious contribution to start things off. This is for people who know they can write reasonably well.

Articles and blog posts

Start by choosing one or two popular niches you already feel comfortable writing about, (that will bring out the best in your writing talent), and write two 300 to 600 word sample articles. Start a thread saying you are trying to earn your way into the War Room, followed by at least two samples, and ask if anyone would like you to write articles or blog posts for $4 each. You can specify the topics you are prepared to write about, or leave it open if you are a confident researcher. Offer to make them keyword optimized if desired.

You only have to sell 10, and you're in the War Room!!!! Or do 13 for $3, or 20 for $2.

Check first on this thread to see if anyone corrects me on this. It may be that you are 'officially' required to offer this type of service in a paid ad, but I'm sort of guessing that if you make it clear you are only trying to earn your passage into paid membership, that might be overlooked during the next seven days or so?:p

Other ideas please warriors? I'm sure you can come up with better than this. Let's get everyone inside where it's warm!!

thanks in advance
New War Room Member!
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    I have been a curious lurker for some time. I feel like there is so much i dont know mainly because of the many ways it appears one can make a decent living on here. Thank you for the above post and offering a way to earn. Is there any other ways for a newbie out there? As you can see my literary skills are hardly worth selling...
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    There a ton of ways to earn. Just pick a method and try it out.
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    Well I have learned almost everything I know from this forum, and I just started to put it to action, I have made some money with amazon but I wont see that money tell I get to $100 and i am currently at $20, but I just started another affiliate site with 50% commissions. I am working on getting ranked in Google right now, once I make $37 from my new website I will join the war room. One of my articles from my new site is on page 24 of google, working on getting it to page one now, getting backlinks and building "link wheels" using "web 2.0" properties.
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    Ken, about your specific way, such a thread, that you propose others should start, sounds like advertising. Ok, I am not a moderator, just wondering about feasibility of the way your propose.

    But overall sounds like a great idea. A thread "100 ways to do first $37 online in a week with no expenses" It should be a hit, if enough people will share their ways. Although, frankly, I don't have such a way myself available to novices. Everything I know requires more time. AFAIK, nothing happens without the traffic, and all traffic techniques require time or money or relationships.

    Am I too far off the point? Anybody cares to correct me and show a way to do Ken's challenge?

    -- How To Make Your Site Pandemic by Creating a Viral Report in Under 1 Hour and Giving It Away for Free
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    Walk down any business street and ask the first restaurant you see if they want a site for $40. They will say yes. Collect the $40. Go home, join the War Room. Build the site.

    Write 10 PLR articles. Run a "sig file sale" "10 articles $10 sold to 4 Warriors ONLY."

    Go to your rich relative and tell them you need a small business personal loan. When they say "How Much?" Say $40. After they stop laughing and give you the money, Join the WR. Apply a couple of methods in the WR. Make $80, Pay them back $80 and ask if they would be up to any more JVs in the future.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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      Originally Posted by George Wright View Post

      Write 10 PLR articles. Run a "sig file sale" "10 articles $10 sold to 4 Warriors ONLY."
      Cheating! You remember, conditions of the challenge is to provide a way to free members. AFAIK, they cannot put links in their sigs now :p

      -- How To Make Your Site Pandemic by Creating a Viral Report in Under 1 Hour and Giving It Away for Free
      -- Viral Report SneezeMachine Makes others to Spread Your Viral Report Around
      -- Action is essential, Brain is not optional.

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    You could always just cut down on what you normally buy for a week or two, you'd soon have $37. Then once you've made some money from what you learn, you can treat yourself.

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