Can An Entrepreneur Be Successful In The Game Of Online Business With A Low Budget?

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I am an entrepreneur in my late 30s and now I want to explore the world of internet by expanding my business online as well.

I want to operate on a small scale to start with because of doubt, uncertainty and the fear of unknown. But the problem is online business requires substantial amount of investment as we need to have a team of content developers and other tactical experts.

Can anyone throw some light as to what are the basics that are to be taken care of by a person who intends to operate at a small scale but at the same time is willing to get traffic on the site?
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    Originally Posted by anshrey View Post

    Can anyone throw some light as to what are the basics that are to be taken care of by a person who intends to operate at a small scale but at the same time is willing to get traffic on the site?
    This depends entirely on your proposed niche, authority, budget, business skills and drive.

    Anyone that tries to answer such a question for you just loves to hear themselves talk and will have little to offer that you won't be able to acquire by simply searching this forum on individual topics that you should already know are required to launch any online business.

    The search button sits right above and folks are reluctant to paint a picture for you until they can see that you have at least invested some of YOUR TIME before asking others to donate theirs to your cause.

    Cheers. - Frank
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    Put a plan together first.
    Come up with a solution to people's problems that you can sell.
    Then put up a website with a great offer.
    Then learn how to drive some targeted traffic to that site.
    Then make adjustments to increase sales.
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    You haven't said anything about the business you want to expand. Is it a product or service based business, or maybe a blend of the two? Is it something you provide locally? Is it practical to expand to a greater geographic reach?

    Hard to advise anything substantive without more information.

    In general, though, you want to start with a Minimum Viable Product (which could be a service or even a website), and feel your way into the process. To do that, you generally don't need a large team of developers, content writers, etc. If you can't do it yourself, you can hire freelancers on a project basis.

    Don't dive head first into the deep end until you know you want to be in the water.
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  • There are always cheaper and free ways to start your business online. It depends on the niche and the kind of business you want to start with. I agree with the comments here that you need a solid and step by step plan on what you want to do and what you want to achieve. Taking time to research for ways on how to market you company; the good thing about marketing online is there are a lot of free information that you can read and do ahead
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    But the problem is online business requires substantial amount of investment as we need to have a team of content developers and other tactical experts.
    I'm glad no one told me this before I started. How have I made it this far??

    Tactical experts?? Are you planning a rocket-science website??
    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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    Before I started working as a marketing coordintor for my ad network I did a bit of light AM... I started off with an investement of about $35 (which I got from filling out surveys and rebates online) and proceeded to invest that into an offer and ran my own Social Media accounts doing my own promo (fb, insta, reddit etc) and was able to generate a modest profit.

    So if I could've done it virtually from $0 you can do it on what I imagine is a healthier budget I would say read around these forums (esp. the social media and e-mail marketing ones) do your research on what kind of approach is best for your business and then maybe look into hiring your own social media specialist/coordinator who can run your SM/blog accounts and is good at SEO & is a decent writer (for content creation for your blog/site). Again this is just my approach, this isn't one of those "one shoe fits all" kind of advice anyone on these boards can give you
    Adnium buys and sells traffic specializing in Members Area.
    Skype me to find out more: ivana.gsmi
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    The investment depends on your business model . What type of business are you intending to develop?
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    Plenty of ways to make money online with a limited budget. No need for tactical experts lol

    You're at the right place. Explore a little you'll soon realize that making money online is always built around the same core principles.
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    You have asked a question without setting any perimeters or telling us anything about what you actually intend to do. These are the steps you need to take accordingly:
    -Put up a plan first and foremost.
    -Think of a problem that people facing regarding your selected niche.
    -Come up with a solution for this problem.
    -Design a website that has a great offer for the intended audience.
    -Drive some targeted traffic to the website by following different strategies suggested by people on this forum.
    -Be ready to make any change that you might need to get more people to pay for your product.
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    You can start a business for literally like $19 online, its pretty crazy! :-)

    But yes, you don't need a huge budget to get started.
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    You NEED Courage To Make Money not Money.

    I was BROKE as a joke at a point too, but I went from zero to six figures in less than 3 months...

    Here's what I did: -

    1. I made a list of all the friends I have who continuously buy "Make Money Online" style product.

    2. I messaged them to figure out if they're seeing any success (Most weren't)

    3. I made them an offer saying I partnered up with another mentor of mine who kills it and that they could invest in ME and I'll run campaigns and do everything and give them double their money in 90 days. (Takes courage to make that bold promise, but it takes to courage to get rich)

    4. I invested the cash in the mentor and did everything he asked me to.

    5. Once I made my first $30k or so, I opened up my Coaching Program on the side so I can raise more capital teaching what I do - So I can go more aggressive with my marketing.

    6. I gave back the clients who invested in me their cash plus return and by then I already built myself a solid income source.

    That's just something I've did.

    It requires courage to do that though, but yeah go for it if you like the idea.
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