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I made my first $1 online through selling private labelled physical products on Amazon.

It took me over 8 months to launch the product with around $5,000 in initial investment. It then took me over 4 months to go from doing $1k in revenue (in the first month) to doing over $25k in revenue (in the 4th month).

If I were to do it all over again - I would absolutely not go down the same path. I would choose a completely different business model/system.

Here's why...
  1. It took me 8 frigging months to get results!
  2. I didn't have to invest $5k, but you need at least $1k in initial investment to gain some traction
  3. My profits were tied up in the business. Meaning whatever profit I made, I had to invest straight BACK into the business to buy more inventory.
  4. If I don't re-invest the profits then the inventory runs out => business goes busto

In this post I want to share a much better, faster, and simpler way of making your first $1 online to doing over $25k/month. Without investing $5k and without waiting 8 months for results.

What I'll be sharing with you in this post is a system. It's not a get rich quick system.

But the system isn't hard.

It's a simple system.

MANY internet marketers are using this system.

All you need is focus.

To put it simply, here is what you will do:
  1. Pick a profitable niche.
  2. Build an audience.
  3. Promote information products.

That's it. It's that simple. The most profitable business models and systems are the simplest ones.

So without further ado, here is the system.

Step 1 - Picking a niche
  • Decide a niche you're interested in.
  • The big 3 niches that will make you money are: i) dating/relationships, ii) making money and iii) health/fitness/weight loss
  • When making your FIRST $1 online, stick with those 3 niches.
  • It's true that there is a lot of competition in each of those niches. And I'm here to tell you that a competitive niche is good. A niche with no competition means there is no money to be made.
  • You are not re-inventing the wheels. Stick with what's worked for hundreds of thousands of marketers.
  • So let's use women weight loss as the example niche that we will be using for the remainder of this post.

Step 2 - Research your niche

  • Women weight loss is a HUGE niche. Making money online is a HUGE niche. Dating/relationships is a HUGE niche.
  • Your goal is to dominate a sub-niche.
  • So this step is all about researching. Researching what you want your sub-niche should be.
  • There are a few ways to do this.
  • Go on ClickBank.com and look through existing women weight loss products and make note on what are the most popular offers (highest gravity)
  • Go on Amazon.com and look through women weight loss kindle ebooks and books. Make note on what are the most popular topics
  • Go on Google Keyword Planner, type in variations of 'women weight loss'. Make note on the keywords/topics with the most volume
  • Decide what you want to focus on within the women weight loss niche.

Step 3 - Creating your front-end funnel
Here's the (very) simplified way of looking at the system and funnel... Your System:
  1. Sending traffic to your funnel
  2. Building relationship with your customers through your funnel
  3. Promote other people's products (as an affiliate) and/or promote your own products
  4. Profit.

System = Traffic -> Funnel -> Promotion -> Profit

We will worry about traffic later on.

First let's focus on building our funnel.
  1. Building a one page opt-in website using Unbounce or Leadpages. I prefer Unbounce. It is slightly more expensive than Leadpages but you have tons more flexibility.
  2. On your one page opt-in website, you should have the following: 1) An attention grabbing headline, subheadline and bullet points (optional). 2) Big opt-in button. 3) image (optional)
  3. With this one page opt-in website - you will be collecting email addresses. In return for a visitor giving you their email address, you will provide them with a free gift in the form of ebook, reports, audio etc.
  4. More on the free gift later...
  5. Once your one page opt-in website is created.... You need to pick an email service provider. Go with Aweber, GetResponse, InfusionSoft or Sendlane. Read reviews on each of those sites and decide for yourself.
  6. 'Connect' your one page opt-in website with the ESP.
  7. Creating your free gift: there are a ton of websites online showing you how to do this. Just remember the free gift should be relevant, useful and easily digestable by your visitors.

Now your funnel is built. You're ready for the next step....

Step 4 - Creating your back-end funnel
  • Next, you want to set up 8 to 10 emails for your autoresponder.
  • So the process goes like this...
  • You drive traffic to your opt-in page...
  • A visitor signs up to your email list to receive your free gift
  • They receive the free gift instantly via email (sent by your ESP, let's use GetResponse as an example)
  • You have 10 emails scheduled to send out every day on GetResponse, meaning if someone subscribes to your list on the 1st of the month - then they will receive emails from you for the next 10 days. All automated.

Tips on creating your first 10 emails:
  • There are 3 types of emails: relationship building, content and promotions
  • You want to have a ratio of 3 to 4 relationship building and content emails to 1 promotional email
  • For our example of women weight loss....
  • Your first 3 to 4 emails could be: 1) deliver the free gift, 2) the 5 superfoods to eat for weight loss, 3) 3 killer exercises for weight loss, 4) foods to avoid for weight loss - ALL CONTENT
  • Your 5th email could be one that is promoting a ClickBank affiliate product
  • 6th to 9th emails on content and relationship building
  • 10th email = promotion

Secrets to writing great emails:[*]Set your autoresponder to send out emails everyday around 3pm EST - for maximum deliveryability[*]Use attention grabbing subject line (Google this)[*]Use a mixture of short and long emails (Google how to write great emails)[*]Avoid words such as free, make money, sales, $, in your email subject line. So your emails don't get sent to the Spam folder. [*]No more than 7 words or 50 characters for your email subject lines[*]No more than 3 symbols in your email subject lines[*]Do not start your email subject line with a symbol. But starting with a bracket is fine. Like this: [Important]

So let's review... You should now have:
  • Your opt-in page
  • A free gift
  • 10 emails in your autoresponder sequence

This should take you no more than a week to do, working only a few hours each day.

Step 5 - Driving traffic to your opt-in page

There are a few ways to do this.

Free traffic:
  • Guest blogging
  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Forums
  • Yahoo Answers

Paid traffic:
  • Facebook ads
  • Google adwords
  • Solo ads
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Media buying

One could write hundreds of books about the different traffic methods.

So here's what you should do... Pick 1 to 2 free traffic methods. Pick 1 to 2 paid traffic methods (optional - if you have the capital). Google each methods and find out for yourself which methods you prefer.

Then take 1 free traffic method and/or 1 paid traffic method.

Focus ONLY on those 2 methods (or 1 free traffic method).

Nothing else matters. Just focus on driving traffic those that 1 or 2 methods.


So there you have it. That's the (very) simplified version of how to make your first $1 online.

I should end this post by saying this:

You don't need to use this exact system to make money online.

There are a million ways to make your first $1 online.

There are a million ways to make $1million.

The reason why 95% of people fail in making online is NOT because the systems don't work.

It is because those 95% of people have the 'shiny object' syndrome. They try something for a few days -> they don't get results -> they see some guru advertising another system for making money online -> they ditch the first system.

Don't be one of the 95% of people that fail.

Stick with one system.

Focus on the few not the many.

Give the system time.

You can make your life as complicated you want (by having the shiny object syndrome). Or you can make it as easy as you want (sticking with one system).

Your choice.


Good luck.
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    Man I am so glad I didn't start with a method similar to this one...Takes way too long and require way too much investment...
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      Originally Posted by MValmont View Post

      Man I am so glad I didn't start with a method similar to this one...Takes way too long and require way too much investment...
      What method do you recommend?
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    Originally Posted by KelvinKe View Post

    I made my first $1 online through selling private labelled physical products on Amazon.

    It took me over 8 months to launch the product with around $5,000 in initial investment.
    $5k initial investment + 8 MONTHS of product incubation = $1 sale did i get that right?

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    I agree that following a system is the best way to go. Not just a system but a tried and proven system. Do not try to reinvent the wheel. That's the long route...
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    There are so many ways to make money online. But, the traditional method that you've mentioned is the real way to make money online and build a very stable online business that bring good income.
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