Can review and criticize my website???

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Hi guys how are ya????

My name is Camilo Rodriguez, I am from Bogota Colombia and i have almost a year trying to live of the internet marketing, I have a website which promotes a Clickbank product, I´d like that you guys who have more expertise than me, review my site and give me your points of view about my website.

My website is Como Seducir A Una Mujer - Seduce A 20 O Mas Mujeres En Un Mes and Como Seducir A Una Mujer - Blog Para Aprender Como Seducir A Cualquier Mujer.

I´d apreciate a lot if you give me your opinions about my website.

just for information my website is about PUA (Pick Up Artist) "How to Seduce a Women" and i promote the E-book "How to Become an Alpha Male"

Thanks guys for your help and opinions

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    I only speak English fluently, so I can't give you a total review. Technically, I would adjust the cell spacing/padding so that the text in some of the tables isn't butted up right next to the border.

    I would add an order button image as well. Maybe add some graphic checkmarks to replace the text bullets.

    Can't really help you with the copy. Maybe upgrade the header images too with something more product oriented with the product name, etc.


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      If you have pictures of those who purchased from you with their testimonies will do great. Use around 5 ~ 10 testimonies will do. Place the best one just above the buy button on the bottom.

      Take away the sitemap link as it will draw away the traffic.

      You should have 7 call to action on you sales page. As your sales page is not long enough, maybe 5 will do.

      Take away all the links, so that your sales page will do what its suppose to do, sell. Only place buy links there only.
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        Thanks for your adivce guys
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